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Heads turn as Titty

protests against Iris 

Robinson’s gay comments 



Friday, 1 August 2008


Drag queen Titty Von Tramp with a message for Iris Robinson

Titty Von Tramp, Northern Ireland’s most famous drag queen, strutted her stuff among SDLP Youth members yesterday at a protest in Belfast against homophobic comments made by the First Minister’s wife, Iris Robinson.

The demonstration, held outside the City Hall, was held as part of Gay Pride Week which culminates with a parade through the city centre tomorrow followed by a carnival in Custom House Square.

It has also emerged that police will use mobile phone technology to drive home their anti-hate crime message at tomorrow’s event.

For the first time the PSNI will use ‘Bluetooth’ to send electronic messages to people in the vicinity of the annual parade.

The initiative is part of the ongoing campaign by officers to raise awareness of homophobic crime and urge people to report it.

Anyone in the Custom House Square area with bluetooth switched on will receive notification that the police are making contact.

Community Safety Inspector Jeremy Adams said: 

“Reporting hate crime is one way of ensuring that further incidents are prevented and offenders are brought to justice. 

We want to encourage people, whether they are victims of a crime or witnesses to an incident, to report it to police.

“There are a number of methods available to make reports; either in person, via telephone, email, letter or alternatively online reporting.

“The Bluetooth message is clear and simple — 

hate crime is unacceptable, no one deserves it and no one deserves to get away with it.”



Why we’re glad

to be gay

Friday, 25 July 2008

One of Belfast’s most famous drag queens, Titty Von Tramp, is confident this year’s Gay Pride Week will be as successful as previous years.

After Iris Robinson’s controversial comments about homosexuality, what is it really like being gay in Northern Ireland? 

Ahead of Gay Pride week, which starts tomorrow, Jane Hardy and Kerry McKittrick talk to some of the people who are out and about

‘That poor lady, Iris Robinson,

has a view. We have our lives’

Robert McCready (36) is better known in Belfast as the notorious drag queen Titti Von Tramp, hostess of various gay club nights throughout the city. He says:

Pride is a celebration for me. It’s a time for the gay community to unite and celebrate their sexuality in such a way that they don’t have to be afraid. 

I’m really looking forward to the Pride march. It’s such a carnival atmosphere, the biggest parade in Northern Ireland outside of the Twelfth of July marches, and we get support from so many people.

You can definitely see how times have changed and how tolerance has increased. I went to my first Pride when I was 17, 

it was on an open-topped double decker bus as we were too scared to actually march. Nowadays literally thousands show up.

What I hope is that this year’s march doesn’t get too politicised. That poor lady (Iris Robinson) has her views and we have our lives. Pride is about us, it shouldn’t be about her.

The scene in Belfast has got so much better over the years. There are more pubs and clubs, more sexual health organisations. 

There’s help for young people in the country who don’t live in Belfast and don’t get to be with lots of like-minded people. The real issues now are human rights issues. 

As the world gets smaller, we can see the struggles that gay people in other countries have, and we should be focusing on those, not battling with people like Iris Robinson over here.

I spent seven years in England and moved back here eight years ago. Back then, the differences in the two places were huge, but now Northern Ireland has caught up with England. 

The scene over here hasn’t become overly commercial yet — big companies aren’t chasing the pink pound. 

There’s a real sense of community and organisations really work with each other.

Over the next week my life is just going to be an explosion of gayness. 

One of the things I’m looking forward to is a documentary that’s being shown in the Black Box on the night of the launch.

It goes behind the scenes of Belfast Pride, and I’m really looking forward to the unsung heroes getting a bit of acknowledgement. 

Everyone knows about me and the other drag queens, but for the volunteers and organisers, it’s good to put faces to names.”



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