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From Russian, With Love



The Russian woman accused of having an affair with Rolling Stone star Ronnie Wood has denied she is attracted to the ageing rocker because of his money, 

WENN reports July 27th.



Wood entered rehab last week for the second time in a month amid rumours he had left his longterm wife, Jo, 

and had a booze-fuelled fling with a 20-year-old waitress Ekaterina Ivanova.

It has been reported Ivanova had worked as a prostitute and only dated 61-year-old Wood because of his wealth.

Bus she strongly refutes the claims.



She says, 

“They’re calling me a Russian slut but if that’s the case I’d be with a rich businessman, not Ronnie.

“I’m not a prostitute and I’ve never worked in an escort bar.

“We’re in love, we’re completely in love.”


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