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Madonna and Guy Ritchie not divorcing?


MADONNA and GUY RITCHIE are holding a special family dinner to tell their nearest and dearest that their marriage is finally back on track,

The U.K. Sun reports July 26th.

The couple, who have just weathered the biggest storm in their seven-year marriage, 

will put all the madness of the past few months behind them with a “Shabbat Nachamu” – a night of consolation.

The Kablah-blah ceremony will be witnessed by two rabbis who will fly to the UK from New York, 

on the weekend of Madge’s 50th birthday next month.

A host of their closest friends will go back to their Ashcombe estate in Wiltshire to see Madonna – 

known to pals as Em – and film director Guy stand up and reassure everyone their marriage is as strong as ever.

A friend in their private circle said: 

“They have a special Shabbat party in August – separate from Madonna’s 50th.

“It’s Shabbat Nachamu – which they want to do once a year to declare their feelings for each other.

“It’s a very important dinner for them – they want everyone to know they are still in love. 

Em and Guy are making speeches in front of the rabbis. 

Knowing Guy, he’ll have a laugh with it and they’ll make light of the whole thing. 

But there is a serious message.”

The source added that their children – Lourdes, 11, Rocco, eight next month, and adopted David, two – are the most important things to the couple. 

“The kids mean the world to them both and they are determined they will stay together.”

It sounds to me like they are effectively renewing their wedding vows – again. 

In December 2004, on their fourth wedding anniversary, they reaffirmed their vows at their Ashcombe mansion.

The source added: 
“Family members have been suggesting to them they get counselling. Em wanted to do something more biblical and spiritual.

“There are other reasons for the dinner. 

Guy’s dad John’s health is failing. It’s why Guy wants to stay in the UK.”

I hope Madonna’s moods improve before the big 5-0 and this dinner.

She has been a bit of a monster recently – 

sacking dancers and being grumpy during rehearsals for her forthcoming Sticky & Sweet tour which kicks off on August 23.

She even flew off the handle at her daughter for getting her dance steps wrong for a possible appearance.

Madonna is also considering cutting BRITNEY SPEARS’ filmed scenes from the tour.

The pair had recorded a video to be broadcast on huge screens.

The source added: 

“Britney looks amazing in the video but Em watched it and told them to take it out because she hated it.

“It was a scene where Britney was pretending to rip her own hair out.”

It sounds like a few people are tearing their hair out with Madonna’s behaviour at the moment.


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