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Ekaterina Ivanova getting love letters from Ronnie Wood?



RONNIE Wood wants to save his marriage 

AND keep seeing his Russian girlfriend, 

Richard White reports for The U.K. Sun.


The Rolling Stone, 61 – 

who ran off with cocktail waitress 

Ekaterina Ivanova, 20 – 

told fellow rehab patients in a clinic north of London: 

“I love my wife – 

but I have a girlfriend and I love her too.”

The Sun can reveal the rock icon – 

married to Jo, 53 – is being treated for alcohol, 

drug and sex addiction at a rambling 

countryside retreat.

A source said: 

“He’s on the Full Monty here – 

he’s being treated for everything. 

He isn’t allowed a phone or any contact 

with the outside world for now.

“He is having open therapy sessions and explained he has a wife and a girlfriend and that he loves them both. 

It’s very strange but it’s just how he sees it. 

He’s looking a lot better and is very chipper.”



Ronnie asked his family to get him 

“all the help I obviously need” 

after reading The Sun’s scoop on him r

unning off to Ireland with Ekaterina.

After hearing of the star’s love of vodka, 

his 20-year-old girlfriend and drug history, 

staff told him he would need 

“a full six-week course”.

The source added: 

“He thinks the whole affair scenario has been 

blown out of proportion – 

but that’s part of his problem.”





RONNIE Wood’s Russian girlfriend giggles 

as she reads a soppy love note thought 

to be from the boozy rocker, 

Lynsey Heywood reports for the U.K. Sun.


The handwritten letter to pretty 

Ekaterina Ivanova said: 

“Know that I’m thinking lovely 

things about you.”

Ekaterina, 20, smiled when she read 

the note as she walked outside her 

flat with a male pal.



She laughed when she saw the writer 

had also drawn a heartshaped smiley 

face with a beard on the small piece of paper.

And at the bottom, the writer added: 

“It’s HARD work in here” – 

suggesting it may have been sent by Ronnie, 

who is in rehab battling a booze addiction.

An onlooker said: 

“Eka was smiling and giggling when she 

read the love letter as all teenage girls 

would if a boyfriend wrote them a note.

“It’s strange to think it could be from 

a man more than 40 years older than her.”



Cocktail waitress Ekaterina wore a short 

red-chequered dress, a cardigan and black 

plimsolls when she left the shabby flat 

in Camden, North London, yesterday.

She previously said she loves Rolling Stone 

star Ronnie, 61, and plans to stand by him 

as he battles an addiction to alcohol.

Our revelations that Ronnie had left his 
wife Jo, 53, to go on a three-week bender 
with Eka in Ireland shook the music world.


Last week, The Sun revealed the couple 

are still in touch after we discovered her 

back in London.

Ekaterina said: 

“I need to speak to Ronnie. 

My life’s been turned upside down by all this.”

Pals say Ronnie still hopes to save 

his 23-year marriage to ex-model Jo 

even though she told him it was over.

Ekaterina’s mother Irina said her daughter – 

who met Ronnie in a seedy escort bar in April – 

loves the rocker 

“because of his personality”


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