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“The Two Coreys” no third season because of cry baby Haim’s antics


There will be no third season of “The Two Coreys” on A@E thanks to Corey Haim’s substance abuse problems, 

the National Enquirer has learned.      

Michael Glynn wrote the story. 


“Feldman is livid with his former best friend because Haim is allegedly strung out on prescription drugs”, 
divulged an insider.
“He told a pal, 
‘I think the next stop for Corey Haim is Celebrity Rehab’.
He’s done, 
and I’m through with him for good.”

Feldman’s manager and show co-producer told The Enquirer;
“Right now, there will be no third season of ‘The Two Coreys.’
Things just can’t continue the way they did toward the end of the second season.”

Carlson was referring to a segment of the reality show in which they were shooting Haim on the set of the sequel to the film “The Lost Boys” – 
and the actor had a meltdown, flubbing his lines.

The camera followed the one time heartthrob to his trailer, and when he re-emerged, 
he appeared out of it and unable to remember his lines.

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