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Christian Bale was bullied as a child



Actor Christian Bale was a frequent target for school bullies –

because of his Hollywood success as a kid, 

WENN is reporting July 19th.

After a string of commercials, Bale starred in the 1987 movie Empire of the Sun when he was just 13, and became an overnight sensation.

But, instead of attracting a legion of friends because of his fame, he inadvertently turned his classmates against him.

He says, 

“It was not a great time. 

I was a victim of bullying and had other kids kicking and punching me every day.

“It was an early lesson in how making a film can set you apart. 

If you don’t want to live with the consequences then don’t make the film.

“But that didn’t help at the time. 

I was confused about other people’s reactions to me, both good and bad. 

It can mess anyone up.”


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