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How Harry Potter made magic with Eakterina Ivanova before Ronnie Wood weaved his spell!



DEAD ringer for Harry Potter told last night of his fling with Ronnie Wood’s Russian temptress

and how she could not wait to jump into bed with him.

Geeky IT student Will Jones, 22, 

romped with Ekaterina Ivanova at his parents’ house after she asked him for a drink at a London club and they ended up snogging.

He said: 

“I was a bit shocked — I’d only just met her. 

But that’s Ekaterina all over. 

She’s impetuous and spontaneous to the extreme.”

Her ex-lover broke his silence as it emerged married Rolling Stone Ronnie, 61, 

was giving an interview about his chronic boozing when he learned about The Sun’s world exclusive that he was shacked up with the 20-year-old in Ireland.

Ronnie was in the middle of opening his heart to a journalist in Dublin about giving in to “temptation” when he got a phone call tipping him off a week ago. 

He admitted in the interview: 

“I don’t mean any harm but I just go off the rails.”

Will told how Moscow-born Ekaterina pestered him to take her to his Brighton home when she fell for his schoolboy wizard looks at an indie music night in the capital called After School.

They hopped on the first train to the South Coast after she begged him: 

“Let’s have an adventure.”



Will said: 

“It was 4am. Within a few hours we were back at my parents’ house making love. 

I remember she was very cute and very sensitive in bed. 

She wasn’t really wild — it was very gentle.”

The student blasted Ronnie for preying on the “naive” cocktail waitress.

He insisted: 

“Ekaterina is the most beautiful, intelligent girl you could ever meet. 

But she’s very innocent, almost childlike — and very vulnerable.

“She’s desperate for a father figure and Ronnie’s definitely taken advantage of her.”

Will’s fling with Ekaterina two years ago lasted three months. 

He said: 

“At the time she was flitting from job to job in London.

“She wanted to see the world but didn’t have any real direction. 

She didn’t know what she wanted from life. 

Ekaterina is really bubbly and giggly. 

But she can be very serious at times too. 

I got the feeling she needed guidance.

“She had no money but was going out and getting hammered most nights in the week.”



Ronnie’s devoted wife Jo, 53, 

has given the alcoholic dad of four the boot after he spent three booze-fuelled weeks with the girl he calls “Eka” at his bolthole in County Kildare, Ireland.

The multi-millionaire guitarist — 

wed for 23 years — 

never let on he was cheating on ex-model Jo during his Dublin interview last week.

The rocker, who has been in and out of drying-out clinics and met the Russian in a seedy escort club, 

confessed to hitting the bottle because 

“sometimes I get so bored”.



He said: 

“Here I am at 61 and I’ve never felt better. 

The clinic said I had the body of a 40-year-old. 

That’s always been a big problem with me. 

I find it hard to get old and hard to say no.

“I’m more lost when I’m not on tour. 

I’m in a bit of a muddle at 9pm . . . ‘Where’s the stage?’

“On tour there are people directing and supervising you.”

Ekaterina told The Sun: “I love him”. 

But pals of Ronnie, who was last night back in rehab, 

say he is desperate to save his marriage.

Will admitted that even when he was dating Ekaterina she was never shy about taking advantage of older men. 

He said: 

“When we went out she would flirt with older guys to get them to buy her drinks before just walking off.

“But when she got a job in a Covent Garden clothes shop it only lasted a few days because her boss — 

a much older guy — kept leering at her. 

It’s all a bit ironic given what’s happened with Ronnie.”

He recalled how before his own affair with her “fizzled out” she one night insisted on watching the Disney movie Aladdin.

He said: 

“We sat singing along to all the songs in the film. 

I thought then how childlike she was.”

Will described her as “a real indie girl”. He said: 

“All indie girls dream of dating someone in a band. 

Ronnie’s in one of the biggest bands of all time.”

Yesterday a tiler who worked on the swimming pool at Ronnie’s hideaway in Clane, County Kildare, 

told how the star has a huge red Indian tent in his back garden with a giant circular waterbed in it.

The Rolling Stone let Liam Whelan look into the 30ft-high teepee after he inquired about it. Liam, 38, said: 

“The inside was painted psychedelic and a bit freaky.”


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