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Madonna is impossIble to live with, I’m shocked, SHOCKED!



MADONNA’s marriage to GUY RITCHIE IS in trouble, 

according to the singer’s brother


Beci Wood reports for The U.K. Sun July 18th.


The Queen of pop and the film director have been plagued by rumours they are on the verge of a split – 

despite the singer issuing a statement dismissing speculation about a possible divorce.

But in an interview on GMTV this morning, 

Ciccone said that being married to Madonna, 49, would be 

“next to impossible”.



He said: “I don’t know for sure one way or the 

other if their relationship is good but I do 

know things are not as good as they could be.

“Her career continues to glide up, 

whereas Guy’s has gotten a little bit stale. 

They’re two ambitious and creative people 

and on some level are competing.

And although Ciccone has blamed Ritchie in the past, 

he empathises with the director: 

“Being married to her can’t possibly be easy.

“I know what it’s like living with her, 

growing up with her. 

It’s next to impossible and I wouldn’t do it.”


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