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Julian Simmons is gay gay gay, sorry girls!


I’m a bunny boiler 

who never found 

Mr Right, 

says Julian 


July 13th, 2008



UTV presenter, Julian Simmons

Popular UTV presenter Julian Simmons yesterday let the worst kept secret in Ulster showbiz completely out of the bag — 

by confirming he’s gay.

The flamboyant personality also owned up to being a 

“total bunny boiler” 

in relationships and says he’s given up looking for Mr Right.

Simmons talked publicly for the first time about his sexuality in an interview with an national newspaper.

“I’m gay, everyone knows I’m gay and they don’t care,” 

he said.

“It’s not what defines me, it’s just part of who I am.”



But he admits he never told his beloved mum Pearl who died on Christmas Eve 2006.

“She never asked about girlfriends or settling down,” Simmons told the Daily Mirror.

“I used to appear in her bedroom every morning with a cup of tea. 

I’d be draped in a feather boa and do a song and dance routine. 

She used to laugh her legs off.”

Simmons thinks his mum possibly knew he’d 

“never marry the girl next door” 

but said it was never an issue between them and it was never discussed.



He doesn’t have a partner at present and says he recently decided relationships are just not for him.

“I’ve had two or three loves in my life but being in a relationship makes me go crazy. 

I go mad with jealousy.

“When I’m in a relationship I become a total bunny boiler.

 I need to know everything.

“It doesn’t work and it never has and now I know my limits… so I’ve stopped looking for Mr Right.

“If it happens, which I doubt, then I’ll be delighted,” 

said Simmons, who says he’s 42.

He loves to socialise and has a close circle of loyal friends, many of them in TV and showbiz.

But he’s sceptical about marriage saying he’s attended 38 weddings in 10 years and nearly all the couples have broken up.

He says he’s “had it” with marriage, adding: 

“People are just mad and I’m out a fortune in bloody wedding presents.”


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