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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s son Dexter victim of smear job!



MLK’s Youngest Son 

Wants To Restore His 

‘Good Name’



July 17th, 2008






He says that he was maligned by his sister 

and brother in their lawsuit

Dexter King, the youngest son of

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

says he is angry about the way his siblings have “maligned” him in a recent lawsuit claiming that he pilfered funds from his mother’s estate, and he wants to restore his “good name. 



They [claim] that they’re being injured,” 
King told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 
“But the money’s in their bank account. 
If you think you’re being injured, go get the money out of your bank account. 
I don’t mean to be flip about it, but it’s so ridiculous. 
I’m still reeling over the ridiculousness of it, the recklessness of it.” 

The Journal-Constitution said that King provided bank statements and other documents Dexter said proved that his siblings, Martin Luther King III and Bernice King, has been benefiting as much from their late parents’ estate as he has. 

Thus, Dexter told the newspaper, the elements of their lawsuit – 
which accuses him of taking money from Coretta Scott King’s estate for personal use and mishandling estate funds – are patently false. 

Dexter is president and CEO of King Inc., which controls the intellectual property rights of Dr. King’s papers. 

“I believe that it’s important to set the record straight, and at this point I can only think about clearing my good name,” 
Dexter said. 
“Frankly, I’m very angry in the way they’ve maligned and damaged me.  
You can call me a lot of things, but I am not a thief.” 



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