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A Rolling Stone rathers Jo loss not happen, poor Ekatrina Ivanova!

        (A famous Rash Manly headline!)

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world entertainment news – Thursday, July 17 

The mother of the Russian teenager accused

of having an affair with Rolling Stone star

Ronnie Wood fears her daughter has been

emotionally scarred by her involvement

with the rocker.



Wood was rumoured to have left his wife, Jo,

for 19-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova and whisked her away on a romantic trip to Ireland  last week.

News of the alleged affair hit headlines across the world –

subsequently forcing the musician back to England on Wednesday and into rehab to tackle his drinking problem.



But although the romance has yet to be confirmed,

 Ivanova’s mother Irina is convinced her

daughter has been having a sexual relationship

with the 61-year-old star and fears that Wood

may have broken her heart.

She says, 

“She loves him. 

It’s not because of the money he has.

Katia is so naive. She is just 19. 

She is so depressed. She is crying a lot. 

Everybody has to pay for what they have done. 

I am her mother and I am not happy

about what has happened. 

She must be more careful.”


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