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“While We Fan The Flame” by Del “Abe” Jones



While We Fan The Flame

Some people think new drilling
Up In ANWR and offshore
Is the only, best, solution
So, we can produce some more.

Doesn’t anyone have suspicions
About those White House oilmen
Who let the price run rampant
Doesn’t anyone blame them?

You can bet they will happy
Laughing their way to the bank
I wonder, after they leave office
Just where, their wealth, will rank?

Oh sure, it’s not all their fault
For, we’ve all been to blame
For too long, we’ve been content
To burn and fan the oil flame.

We need to use the alternatives
Which, we already know about
Then there would be a bunch of oil
That we could do without!

When I was just a young man
In the fields, of New Mexico
We would drill a good oil well
Then, we would cap it and go.

Those are wells drilled in the Fifties
That have not produced one drop
And senseless hoarding of our oil
Most certainly, has to stop.

Oil worth less than five bucks a barrel
At the time when it was found
And it’s the height of stupidity
To just leave it there, underground.

But, as oilman T Boone Pickens says
“We can’t drill our way out!” anyway
And the longer we wait to change
The more, we will have to pay.

He’s trying to build an army
Of folks, who really want a change
To energy from Sun and wind
And that’s not so hard to arrange.

There’s coal and natural gas for cars
And nuclear, but that takes time
But, we could leave a better world
For those kids of yours and mine.

All it takes is some initiative
And saying no, to more pollution
It’s time all of us all joined in
To this American Revolution.

If not, over the next ten years
We’ll spend ten trillion over there
And foreigners love our money
But, besides that, they don’t care.

So lets all make the commitment
And tell our leaders what we think
For if we don’t, and stand idly by
We just might fall, o’er the brink.

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Del “Abe” Jones






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