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A Rolling Stone blathers “Mo sauce!” as Jo Wood calls their marriage on the rocks!

  (A famous Rash Manly 22 Moon headline!)





 has told him their 
23-year marriage is OVER after the 
Rolling Stone’s dalliance with a 
young Russian,
Gordon Smart reports for The U.K. Sun July 14th.


Jo Wood, 53, left a furious message 

on the 61-year-old’s phone over his 

high jinks with temptress 

Ekaterina Ivanova.




A source close to her said: 
“It’s sunk in he’s hadNo image available an affair and she feels betrayed.

“They had such a strong marriage. 

He’s thrown it all away with his stupid behaviour.”

Alcoholic Ronnie is due to fly home to London today from Ireland – 

where he and the beauty he calls Eka

have been on a ten-day bender at his

retreat in Co Kildare.



He has vowed to immediately check into a booze clinic. 

Pals are begging him to have crisis talks with his wife first.

Family and friends spent the weekend comforting blonde ex-model Jo after she made her heartbreaking decision.

The source said: 

“Jo has been through the mill. 

She thought he was only drinking buddies 

with the girl and she was hanging around 

him for free drinks.

“Now everything has surfaced about 
how they met and Jo has hit rock bottom.”


The Sun revealed the Moscow-born cocktail waitress chatted up the guitarist, 

whose long marriage is one of the most envied in rock ’n roll, at a seedy escort club in London’s West End.

She has since been posing as a model for keen painter Ronnie as the dad of four necks two bottles of vodka a day at his hideaway in Clane.

Eka’s mum Irina insisted at the family’s tower block flat in London’s Holborn: 

“There is nothing between them.

“She is posing for him – nothing more. 

And she is not 18, she is 20.”


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  1. I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

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