You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Ronnie Wood and his Russian teenager still at large!

go for Rolling Clones when it comes 
to the ladies, 
Samantha Wostear writes for
The U.K. Sun July 12th.


Ron, 61, is partial to a blonde mane, 

elfin physique and model pout.

Original rock chick KRISSY WOOD who was 

married to the ROLLING STONES guitarist 

from 1971 to 1978, was the template.



Model Krissy had romances with the likes of 


but died broke and alone, aged 57, 

of a suspected Valium overdose in 2005.

Krissy and Ronnie had a son Jesse but they divorced.

When Ronnie met present wife Jo, now 53, 

she told him that she worked on the broken 

biscuit counter at Woolworths in Oxford Street, London.

But he soon discovered she too was a model.



The couple wed in 1985 after his divorce 

from Krissy and have children Leah and Tyrone.

But now Ronnie has run off to Ireland 




The teenage Russian cocktail waitress 

is rumoured to have met him in a 

sleazy London escort club.

Ekaterina is a dead ringer for a young 

Jo in a picture on her Facebook home page, 

where she boasts of “falling in love” with Ron.

She certainly must have blonde ambition.


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