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Amy Winehouse loaded lamp lifter drunken D J spinning both records and out of control!



IT’S just another crazy night in
the mad world of AMY WINEHOUSE,
The U.K. Sun reports July 12th.

The troubled singer turned DJ in Camden on Thursday and the evening had all the hallmarks of a wild Amy bender.

It started off with BOOZE and what seemed to be DRUGS. It then disintegrated into VIOLENCE, 

a heartfelt confession about husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL and ended with, er, a lampshade.



Amy appeared to snort something behind the DJ booth at the launch of her club night Snakehips At The Monarch. 

Amy played her favourite Motown tunes alongside DJ BIOUX, but at one point she gave him a clip round the ear and called him a “f****** p****” for his troubles.

She then took a break from entertaining and told the crowd she will be reunited with Blake after he leaves prison.

They’ll have a lot to talk about, she’s been unfaithful while he has been inside and he has been writing filthy letters to another woman.


Amy confessed: 

“Blake’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I live for visits, even when they’re behind glass. 

My Blake will be out in 11 days. That’s all I care about. He’s my best friend, he’s everything to me.”

The Rehab singer also revealed she has been sobbing her heart out to ELVIS.

She said:

 “I’ve been listening to loads of songs. 

I sob my heart out to Elvis’s She’s Not You. I’ve got a song for every occasion.”

She left at 2am with one of the bar’s lamps and what looked like half of Colombia up her nose.

As the possibility of Blake’s jail release fast approaches, Amy is furiously backpedalling to keep her man.

Suddenly all those missed jail visits, affairs and divorced requests are fading from her memory.

Perhaps she should start listening to the King’s Devil In Disguise.


3 Responses to “Amy Winehouse loaded lamp lifter drunken D J spinning both records and out of control!”

  1. Amy lamp stolen and a celebrity did blow, care factor = nil. Quit running stories about Amy Winehouse. Her antics are a bore. If she really wants to shock the world, sell more albums.

  2. Hey Alex, I agree with you!
    I’m sick of Amy, I’m sick of doing stories
    about this loser!
    I have to keep running them because the readers
    want to know but I agree with you,
    Your comments are so perfect,
    and well said also. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. That’s one ugly lamp! Why on earth would someone steal it? Hopefully she’s taking it to the garbage can!

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