You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Teenager Ekaterina Ivanova and Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood holing up in Ireland!



ROLLING Stone RONNIE WOOD was snared 
by the Russian teenager he is living with 
when SHE chatted him up — 
while working as a cocktail 
waitress at a seedy escort bar.

James Clinch, Richard White and 
Andy Crick wrote this stunning story 
for The U.K. Sun July 12th.


Scantily-clad EKATERINA IVANOVA, 18, 

made a beeline for the 61-year-old rock veteran — 

married for 23 years — 

when he was out on a bender.

Yesterday shamefaced Ronnie — 

who has whisked the Muscovite away 

to his bolthole in Ireland — 

phoned close pals after The Sun 

exclusively revealed how devoted 

wife Jo was frantic with worry 

about his latest boozy escapade.

Jo Wood and Ron



One of them said: 

“It gave him a slap round the face

and hopefully shocked him back on

to the wagon.

“He called and said he was coming back

on Monday and will check into rehab. 

Let’s just hope he does.”

A source close to wife Jo, 53, said: 

“The family are horrified and they

fear this girl is no normal teenager.

She approached Ronnie in this club — 

he’s 61, for heaven’s sake — 

and he was vulnerable.”

A photographer who took pictures

of would-be model Ekaterina two years

ago told yesterday how she knew how

to make the most of her looks.

Chris Free, who took the shots for

clothing website cxlondon.com said: 

“She wasn’t an adult — 

but she had an awareness to her.”



Dad-of-four Ronnie,

whose long marriage has been among

the most envied in rock and roll, 

met the precocious teenager — 

whom he affectionately calls “Eka” — 

at the dingy Capricorn Club.

Punters at the private members joint are

charged £10 entry and face paying £15 for a cocktail.

The bar — tucked away on Goodge Street in London’s West End — 

hires about 150 mostly Eastern European girls. 

Up to 20 work at any one time — 

always half naked.

Customers pay £30 for a private lap dance.

A Sun undercover reporter found many 

girls offered full sex in the back of the club.



One Hungarian stripper, 

who called herself Bianca, said: 

“If you want we can go into the private 

areas or we can go to a hotel and 

spend the night together.” 

Our man declined the offer.

Ronnie managed to ring chums from 

Ireland yesterday despite worried 

bandmates Mick Jagger, Keith Richards 

and Charlie Watts failing to get through to him — 

because he was too smashed to pick up the phone.

His fellow Rolling Stones wanted to beg

him to come home but he was asleep

well into the afternoon.




A source said: 
“He’s so out of it he doesn’t even know where he is. 
This girl is bad news and she’s just using him. 
Ronnie needs professional help.”

Jo has branded Eka “mad” 

and “a terrible alcoholic”.

Yesterday the wife refused to answer the

door at the couple’s mansion in Kingston

upon Thames, South West London.

At around 4.30pm she sped off in a

top-of-the-range black Mercedes

on to the M3 out of London.

Locals in Clane, Co Kildare — 

where her husband is holed up with the Russian at his luxury retreat — 

told yesterday how the pair nipped to the

pub just before midnight to neck six

powerful cocktails between them in TEN minutes.




And in words that will send a shiver down wife Jo’s spine,

one drinker revealed how the teenager had

her arm round the rocker.

He said: 

“She had her arm around his neck when they were up at the bar. 

She was wearing jeans and a tracksuit top

over a T-shirt but still looked very sexy. 

The way they were behaving there was no

doubt they were together.”

The couple cosied up as they downed £6-a-time 

“Jagerbombs” — a concoction of the German 

herbal liqueur Jagermeister and Red Bull.

One regular at Jones’s, a bar a mile from Ronnie’s house, said: 

“They had three Jagerbombs each in about ten minutes.

 They’re absolutely lethal. 

It’s a whisky glass of Red Bull and a shot

of Jagermeister which you down in one.

“For his last one Ronnie just added the shot

into the remains of his existing drink

because he said he didn’t like the taste

of the Red Bull as much.

“He’d clearly had a few drinks before and was definitely drunk.

“He called the blonde girl Eka. 

She was very confident. 

When she picked up the glasses from the bar, 

she said, ‘That’s all we ever drink in London.’



“She spoke with what sounded like a London

accent so I guess she hasn’t been living in

Russia for a while.

“People round here know that Ronnie has a 

wife and they were amazed that he was so 

relaxed about being seen with this young girl.”

The guitarist — 

a respected painter who often goes to 

Ireland for inspiration — 

is said to be knocking back two bottles 

of vodka a day as he uses Eka as his model.

The Sun told yesterday how Jo is 

convinced the pair are just drinking buddies.

But besotted Eka has bragged to pals he 

has dumped his wife and they are now an item.



The sozzled pair left packed Jones’s bar 

after ten minutes because Eka was 

uncomfortable at being the focus of attention.

They called in at a nearby Chinese takeaway — 

the Pelony Palace. One shocked drinker 

told how Ronnie was thinner than ever.

He said: 

“He looked really gaunt. 

Usually he just has a pint of Guinness 

and seems really in control of the drinking — 

but not this time.”

A worker at local DVD store Xtra-Vision 

said Ronnie went in on Monday and 

hired out fright flick Amityville Horror 

and the romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe. 

She said: 

“It was certainly a strange combination.”


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