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Sacha Baron Cohen tricks the Blue Collar Brawlin’ audience into viewing a different kind of show!


ALI G star Sacha Baron Cohen caused a riot
when he turned a cage wrestling contest into —
a GAY kissing fest,
Colin Robertson reports
for The U.K. Sun July 10th.

He hijacked a tough redneck event in

the US that promised punters

“hot chicks, cold beer, hardcore fights”.

But instead of blood-spattered brawlers

the crowd was treated to two men

stripping to their underwear then

KISSING and RUBBING each other.

The angry 1,600-strong audience

at the Blue Collar Brawlin’ show

in Fort Smith, Arkansas,

pelted the men —

believed to be actors — with beer and chairs.



Cops took 45 minutes to restore order even though they were tipped off in advance about the joke.

It was the second outrageous stunt by Sacha for his new movie,

which follows gay Austrian fashion TV presenter Bruno poking fun at bigots and authority figures.

Last month the star duped a former Mossad agent and a Palestinian academic into a spoof interview on the Middle East,

asking them to explain the difference between Hamas and hummus.



In the US stunt a character named Straight Dave challenged a fake audience member to fight.

But once the pair were in the ring, instead of knocking ten bells out of each other they performed the gay routine.

Police Sergeant Adam Holland said:

“They said it was to essentially poke fun at wrestling —

two guys rolling around on the floor, all sweaty.

“It set the crowd off lobbing beers.

They had beer in plastic cups and those things can get some distance on them.”

Luckily for Sacha the crowd had signed to say they agreed to be shown on film.


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