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Honor Killing facts omited in major newspaper’s coverage of event

Chicago Tribune’s 
‘Honor Killing’       

Report Omits
Islam Connection


OK, I am wondering here if the hanging of a black Southerner by the KKK in the American south would be reported by the Chicago Tribune in the same kind of vague language of “cultural” murder as a recent Muslim murder in Georgia was treated? 

More likely, of course, the story would be immediately pegged to the racist, white motives that actually led to the murder. 

In essence that is how the Chicago Tribune mishandled their reporting of another so-called Islamic “honor killing” that occurred in Georgia this week.  

They wrote about the “culturally rigid Pakistani” immigrants and said that “honor killings” occur with “other South Asians” without ever once mentioning that this is more often than not a Muslin practice. 

Instead of pegging this murder to Muslim “culture” the Tribune makes it a vague and nondescript “culture” so that the reader is unaware of the connection with Islam.



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