You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Is Amy Winehouse addicted to ultraviolet radiation now?




has developed another

addiction —

to her sunbed,

The U.K. Sun

reports July 8th.,


Pals are worried because

the pasty star spends more

than an hour a day absorbing

its rays in a desperate attempt

to get back to brown.

Rehab singer Amy, 24,

even dozes off under the

ultraviolet lamps,

which release the same type

of harmful radiation found

in sunlight.

One friend said:

“Amy can’t do

anything by halves.

Recently she has been

going for it on the sunbed,

but she won’t be told.

“She bought it to get rid

of scabs that started

appearing on her skin.”


Amy had the sunbed fitted

at her home in Camden,

North London,

earlier this year.



has tried it —

and hurt his eyes after refusing

to wear safety goggles.

The pal added:

“Over the years Amy

has been addicted to alcohol,

all sorts of drugs,

men and even knitting.

“This is another addiction

that puts her health in danger.

“Why can’t she take up

squash or something?”

Sun doctor Carol Cooper


This level of sunbed

exposure goes beyond

any recommendations.


each session should last

no more than 15-20 minutes,

with 48 hours between

sessions to allow the

skin to recover.”



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