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Man flies his deck chair 230 miles, does not use frequent flyer miles


Daredevil’s deckchair adventure


A daredevil got carried away after embarking on a 230-mile flight across a desert – in a deckchair.

Kent Couch, 48, took off attached to 150 helium-filled inflatables and with 45 gallons of pop for ballast.

He touched down more than nine hours later, shooting some of the 5ft balloons to lower the craft, reports the Daily Mirror.

The intrepid airman said:

“If I had the time, money and people, I’d do this every weekend.

“Things just look different from up there. You’re moving so slowly.

The best thing is the peace, the serenity.

You can hear a dog bark at 15,000ft.”

Sandi Barton, 58, was the first on the scene as he landed in the small town of Cambridge, Idaho.

She gushed:

“He came right over our pea field. He was coming down pretty fast.”

Some 150 locals – nearly half the town – rushed out to greet him.

Sandi added: “Not much happens here.”

Kent set off at dawn on Saturday from the petrol station he owns in Bend, Oregon – where pregnant man Thomas Beatie, 34, gave birth last week.

It was his third balloon chair flight. Wife Susan groaned:

“He’s crazy. It’s never been a dull moment since I married him.




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