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Blake Fielder-Civil may be “chasing the dragon’ while behind bars!


JUNKIE Blake Fielder-Civil takes heroin
in his prison cell hours before wife Amy
Winehouse begs for his release, 
Richard White reports for The U.K. Sun July 7th.

Our exclusive pictures show him heating the drug on foil before inhaling fumes through a tube, – 

known to addicts as “chasing the dragon”.

The skinny and pale lag, who had claimed to be off drugs,

is also seen squatting on his cell toilet as he prepares his stash.




Blake, 25, took his fix in London’s Pentonville Prison hours before singer Amy’s pleas for his freedom during her shows at the Nelson Mandela birthday concert and Glastonbury.

The lout – who we revealed has been writing sleazy sex letters to a female lag behind Amy’s back – 

will be sentenced on Thursday for perverting justice and GBH.

In January, The Sun exposed a video of Amy, 24, smoking a crack pipe in her flat after taking a cocktail of other drugs.

A Pentonville source said: 

“Blake takes heroin whenever he can get hold of it. 

His claims to be clean are a fallacy and it is obvious he remains dependent.

There is nothing to suggest he won’t carry on when he’s outside and back with Amy. 

If she takes him back into her life when she is trying to get clean it will be a recipe for disaster.”

Blake had claimed in letters to lag Melissa Goldstone that he was not taking drugs – 

but planned to get high when he got out of prison.



Melissa Goldstone



He also revealed sordid fantasies of what he wanted to do to her, and claimed Amy would like a threesome.

Jobless Blake pleaded guilty last month to attacking a pub landlord and perverting justice.


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