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Hugh Hefner almost killed by a sex toy! (No, not the Rabbit!)

An embarrassing sex experience that almost

cost Playboy boss Hugh Hefner his life is to

be exposed in a new book,

WENN reports July 5th.


The Girls of the Playboy Mansion star sat for

a series of lengthy interviews with author

Steven Watts for what will become

Mr Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream.


The tome details the Playboy boss’

history of shocking sexual escapades.



And Watts reveals not all the aging

publishing mogul’s romps were as

steamy as admirers might imagine –

Hefner once almost choked on a sex toy.


A source tells the National Enquirer,

“Hefner divulges he almost died doing what

he loves best while he was dating

Playboy Playmate Sondra Theodore.”



The incident is said to have occurred in 1977

when the pair were using a small sex toy

that fell into Hefner’s mouth.


The insider adds,

“Hef began choking and was about to pass out.

Sondra quickly started pumping his chest until

the toy was dislodged.”


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