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Killer reporter who covered his own murders commits suicide!



Journalist who reported on    


his own murders commits suicide
June 12, 2008



 A Macedonian journalist suspected of having brutally killed at least three elderly women and who then wrote reports about the murders was found dead in his prison cell today, police said.


The crime reporter had been charged with murdering two elderly women – crimes he wrote about for his paper – and was being investigated third death.

Vlado Taneski committed suicide.

He put his head in a pail full of water.

“It is unclear how none of his cell mates

or guards noticed while he was doing so.

“He ended like in a horror movie,”

a police spokesperson said.

Mr Taneski, 56, who was a long-time crime correspondent,

was arrested on Friday and accused of kidnapping, abuse and sexual assault of three women.

A court in the north-western town of Gostivar had ordered Taneski be held for 30 days pending enquiries.

Mr Taneski, 56, was also being questioned about a fourth woman who is missing, police said.

Police said that the victims were cut into pieces, the body parts were dumped in various places in plastic bags.

Officers began to suspect him after reading his articles about the crimes in the national daily Utrinski Vesnik and noticed details which had not been publicly released.

Mr Taneski was arrested at his home at his home in the town of Kicevo, about 75 miles (120km) south-west of the Macedonian capital, Skopje. Detectives said they have found his DNA on the bodies.

All of the victims were elderly women who worked as cleaners and lived in the same neighborhood of Kicevo.

The three bodies were found naked and stuffed in nylon bags hidden in different places.

They had been sexually and physically abused, strangled and wrapped with phone cables.

The body of 65-year-old Zivana Temelkoska, 65, was discovered this year; the body of Ljubica Licoska, 56, was found in 2007, and that of Mitra Simjanoska, 64, in 2005.

Police are also seeking a 78-year-old woman who went missing in 2003, and suspect she also may have been a victim.

Shocked members of the victims’ families said they had given Mr Taneski details and photographs when he was covering the story for his newspaper.

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