You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Maxi Mounds world’s largest breasts require a Wonder Woman bra!

A CONTROVERSIAL boob op which gave model Maxi Mounds world record breaking breasts has been banned – over safety fears,
Vince Soodin reports for The U.K. Sun June 4th.

Busty Maxi hit the record books after having the surgery which encouraged her breasts to GROW bigger.



The porn actress grabbed the title for the largest artificial boobs in the world in 2005, when they grew to a staggering 36MMM.

But now safety concerns have led the operation called polyproplyene string technique to be banMaxi’s globes look like they will be the undisputed world’s breast for a while.



__________MINKA (Michelle Kim) French – Korean parents


35 Responses to “Maxi Mounds world’s largest breasts require a Wonder Woman bra!”

  1. OMG i would love to c those things in person

  2. I would love to know where she gets her bras at b/c I cant ever find one that fits…

  3. They finally put Maxi’s name as the recordholder in the 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

    Congrats Maxi!!!

    Happy Holidays!

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  9. Maxi is huge,
    but don’t know if she is biggest.

    With the like of Tina Small and
    Chelsea Charms you can’t tell.

    Still she sexy.

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  10. That is DISGUSTING
    she needs to have a reduction
    she looks like a dirty used up slut.

  11. Really massive.

    This is surely a dream of any
    man except the pretenders.

    I can’t just stop appreciating
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  17. nice boobs, it look interesting

  18. Maxi Where can i see this breast to lick?

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  22. bitch could need bigger boobs

  23. I think you’re fantastic but a girl I went
    to college with and now works as an
    independent medical investigator has
    visited and brought back both movies
    and photographs of an oriental girl by
    the name of Pilma and she claims that
    this girl easily dwarfs both you and
    Chelsea Charms.

    In fact,
    she is shown with this girl attempting
    to put a bra on her that once belonged to
    Chelsea Charms and by the looks of it the
    bra was far too small!

    In fact both women are seen
    laughing as they struggle unsuccessfully
    to place what Pilma called
    Chelsea’s “training bra” on her.

    Does Chelsea know an
    oriental girl is now number one?

  24. Maxi, have you seen the girl they call Pilma?
    OMG, her bra makes Chelsea Charms
    bra look like it’s a little girls training bra!

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  28. The oriental girl referred to in previous correspondence is actually Tia, a sixteen year old who is 5’10” and due to a severe case of macromastia quickly developed a massive breast size of 81″ on a slender frame. She also developed massive nipples and a clitoris of gigantic proportions that in its flaccid state is estimated to be 5″ in length and 1.5″ in diameter and she grows at least 50% larger when she is sexually excited. I saw a rare film of her actually using that organ on a beautiful busty American girl and as she humped her with her panty brief still on (incredible but as the clit grew in size it seemed to get ever firmer allowing for this penetration), the women clearly was being driven totally out of her mind as the teen fucked her silly and finally ejaculated all over the American girl’s panty brief, tops of her pantyhose, slip and navy blue skirt, finally ejacuating on the girl’s face! I saw this nearly a month ago and I’m still numb and shaking when I think of what she did to that girl. In that film the Japanese girl claims to be “hot” for American actress Patricia Heaton of “Everybody loves Raymond ” fame and claims she one day would like to do what she did to the American girl to both Patricia Heaton and the girl who played “amy” on that same program. This girl must be 50% larger than even Chelsea Charms and Beshine and she’s the real thing.

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  33. I’ve been a fan of Maxxie since the mid 90’s she’s my dream cum TRUE!!

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