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Doctor Evil Robert Mugabe to torture Zimbabwe five more years!


TYRANT Robert Mugabe happily condemned his people to five more years of hell yesterday when he was sworn in for his sixth term as president of Zimbabwe,
Clodagh Hartley reports for The U.K. Sun June 29th.

Britain immediately called on the other African countries to do “whatever it takes” to remove him.

The shameless 84-year-old — who has brutalised and starved millions — held a Bible and stood before a red-robed, white-wigged judge to swear to uphold his country’s laws “so help me God”.

He then sat to sign documents as cronies cheered in a red-carpeted tent at the State House complex in capital Harare.

Mugabe kept his iron grip on power after a mockery of an election which sparked international outrage.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dropped out, leaving Mugabe the only candidate, when violence against his supporters saw more than 80 dead and 200,000 fleeing their homes.

Mr Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, said:

“This inauguration is meaningless.

The world has said so, Zimbabwe has said so. So it’s an exercise in self-delusion.”

In Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown pledged “substantial” help rebuilding Zimbabwe — currently ravaged by inflation of up to TWO MILLION per cent — if true democracy revived.

He said: “We and a group of countries are working together and prepared to contribute substantially.

“Countries round the world will do so as long as it is restored as a democracy.”

African ministers will begin a summit in Egypt today. Mr Brown said:

“I believe that those leaders will make it absolutely clear that for Africa’s reputation and for the sake of the people of Zimbabwe, a great deal has got to be done to change things.

“I believe that there will come a time when he will realise that the rest of Africa, leaders that he has worked with over the years, are no longer ready to support the brutality and the violence and oppression of his regime.”

Mr Brown also defended South African president Thabo Mbeki, who has refused to publicly condemn Mugabe. He insisted Mr Mbeki’s “private diplomacy” may yet have an effect.

Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown was more direct. He said:

“If law and order breaks down in the country or if Mugabe is utterly resistant to change and continues to oppress violently people’s human rights,

then I hope the African neighbours will do whatever it takes to secure his departure.

“What you cannot accept is the status quo continuing. President Mugabe has to go.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said there was “a very good argument” for sending in an international force “to restore peace”. And in the US, President George Bush ordered officials to draw up new sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s leader since independence from Britain in 1980, was once hailed as a leader committed to development and reconciliation.

But he has been accused of ruining the economy and holding on to power through fraud and intimidation.

Tsvangirai won the most votes in the first round of presidential voting in March, but not enough for an outright victory.

Since then shortages of basic goods have worsened, public services have come to a virtual standstill and power and water outages have continued daily. The lead-up to Friday’s run-off election was marred by violence.

African observers in Zimbabwe said the vote had not been free and fair. Mugabe’s henchmen were beating people who could not prove they voted and many who did go to the polls did so out of fear.

The electoral commission said that even so, turnout was just 42 per cent. Mugabe got 2million votes while, in an act of defiance, non-runner Tsvangirai — whose name was still on the ballot paper — received 233,000. Some 131,000 ballots had been spoiled, apparently as an act of protest.

Mugabe did signal he was prepared for talks about a forming a “national unity government”. Mr Tsvangirai said:

“I think that the reality has dawned on all the elites. Without negotiating with the MDC this is a dead-end.”

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