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Angelina Jolie voted most sexy lady in history by 22moon website!


Date of Birth:  June 4, 1975

Height: 1.73 m

Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles. Her father is Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight. She began studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute at the age of 11.

When she was 16, Jolie worked as a professional model in London, New York and Los Angeles. Then she studied at L.A.’s MET Theatre Company wishing to get even closer to pursuing an acting career.

Jolie took a lead role in “Hackers” (1995), where she met her future husband, British actor Jonny Lee Miller, but their relationship lasted less than one year.

She won a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination by her performance in “George Wallace.” Her acclaim increased further when she played the lead role in the HBO production “Gia” (1998 ) (TV).

On the big screen, Jolie was well-received by audiences for her role in 1998’s “Playing By Heart.”

Her supporting role in 1999’s “Girl, Interrupted” gained her a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2000, Jolie eloped with her “Pushing Tin” costar Billy Bob Thornton, but after they adopted a Cambodian boy named Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie in 2002, their marriage came to an end.

In 2001, she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

In 2004, Jolie began filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Brad Pitt. The film became a major box office success.

Rumors also spread that Pitt and Jolie had an affair while filming “Smith.”


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