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The last 100 days of Amy Winehouse?

Amy’s 3 month choice       


Doctors have told Amy Winehouse 

that she will be dead in three months 

if she does not quit drugs.

The troubled singer has

developed emphysema 

from smoking drugs and has been

warned that she may soon be

unable to breathe unassisted.


Her father Mitch

told the Daily Star: 

“It’s up to her. 

If she wants to die

in three months, 

then she leaves and

goes back to drugs.”

He explained: 

“The doctors have told her

if she goes back to smoking

drugs it won’t 

just ruin her voice,

it will kill her.”


Despite her doctors’ concerns, 

Amy is determined to sing at

Glastonbury and Nelson Mandela’s

90th birthday 

concert in Hyde Park.

Her spokesman said: 

“It’s totally up to the doctors

but there’s no medical reason

why she can’t perform. 

Amy really wants to do it and

doing shows is part of

her treatment.”


Amy is currently scheduled

to play at Glastonbury Festival

on Saturday June 28,

immediately before Jay-Z’s 

headlining set.


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  1. Amy we will always love you rest in peace baby

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