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Klara Mauerova cannibal cult clan mom on trial!





Ondrej Mauerova, 8,

was partially skinned by his relatives

who then ate the raw human flesh,

a court has heard.

Klara Mauerova –

a member of a sinister religious cult –

wept in court as she admitted torturing

her son Ondrej and his ten year-old brother Jakub.

The two boys told how their mother

and relatives had also stubbed cigarettes

out on their bare skin,

whipped them with belts,

and tried to drown them.


The court heard how the family had

sexually abused them and even made

them cut themselves with knives.

They said they were kept in cages

or handcuffed to tables and made

to stand in their own urine for days.

The sick abuse was discovered when

a man in Brno in the Czech Republic 

installed a TV baby monitor to keep

watch on is newborn child.

But it picked up a signal from an identical

monitor next door showing one of the

victims beaten,

naked and chained in a cellar.

Sick Mauerova is understood to

have installed it so she could gloat

over her victims’ suffering from

the comfort of her kitchen.

Police were called,

and the boy and his brother,

as well as what appeared to be

a 13-year-old girl were freed.

At that time police did not realise

the 13-year-old,

who had been formally adopted,

was really 34-year-old Barbora Skrlova –

one of the children’s torturers.

She later ran away to Norway

but was found earlier this year

by Czech cops who brought her

back to the Czech Republic to face trial.

Her “brother”, eight-year-old Ondrej,

had been locked and chained in the

cellar by his mother Klara for months.

He had been gagged so he could not

scream and beaten as well. It later

emerged his brother Jakub had

also been abused.

Mauerova has admitted abusing her

children but she said she had been

manipulated by her sister

Katerina and Skrlova.

All three of them had been part of a

cult called the Grail Movement which

claims to have hundreds of followers

in Britain as well as tens of thousands

of others world wide.

Katerina Mauerova and Skrlova

and another relative are all accused

of involvement in the abuse of the boys.

The court has also heard claims that

the abuse of the boys was co-ordinated

by a man known only as the “Doctor”

who sent mobile phone text messages

to the Mauerova sisters telling them

how to abuse the two boys.

Local media have said that the

sinister figure could be one of the

leaders of the Grail Movement

the women were involved with.

The trial continues.




           KLARA MAUEROVA (31)


           KATERINA MAUEROVA (34)


           BARBORA SKRLOVA (33)


           JAN SKRLA (26)


           HANA BASOVA  alias Teta Nenci (28 )


           JAN TUREK (31)



THE secretive sect at the centre of the
Czech cannibal case of the little boy
eaten by his family boasts
10,000 followers worldwide –
including hundreds in Britain,
The U.K. Sun reports.


The Grail Movement was founded

in the 1940s to follow the teachings of

German Oskar Ernst Bernhardt,

also known as Abd-ru-shin.






15 Responses to “Klara Mauerova cannibal cult clan mom on trial!”

  1. they should be fed to wolves. but old wolves with sharp teeth. slow and painful. very slow.

  2. My heart goes out to the poor lads that will never have a normal life and I wish I had the power to stop things like this. How could anyone do this to children? They should be tortured day in day out for the rest of their lives and be kept alive only to be tortured even more.

  3. Why?Sick bastards

  4. No words can express the frustration that i feel right now.
    Laws MUST change in freaking Europe! If these beasts get out of jail in 5 yrs the legal system should then NOT exist at all. WTF!

  5. All of you are idiots… the boy was not skinned at all and nobody was eating his flash. Some idiot just translated it bad way from original czech news. The boy was “just” often shackled in the utility room without windows for few days…

  6. That is sick. How can anyone do that to little children. They deserve more than ten years for this but I disagree with the user up there who stated that we should torture them as well. That would just be hypocritical.

  7. […] more on this one, visit: http://rashmanly.wordpress.com/2008/06/20/5941/
    I mean this one was so … different,
    How could you do that to your own kids?! 4. Armin […]

  8. this is so sad like i swear some people
    dont even deserve to have children,
    and 2 borec ur a dumb a-hole if u look
    up top ten cannablism stories this is listed….
    u obviously dont kno how to read and u
    sittin here callin people idiots when ur one….
    get ya stuff right………
    but this makes me really sad that
    these two little boys life’s had to end
    so early and horrific!!!

    they should of gotten life!!

  9. I agree with you Nannie,
    that story shocked me to the core!

    These people are MONSTERS for sure!



  11. This is unspeakable and disgusting! But this has nothing to do with Abd-ru-shin (who specifically FORBADE the formation of a Grail Movement) or his sublime work “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message.” There are sick people everywhere, who make all kinds of claims, but they reveal themselves for who they are through their deeds. To judge Abd-ru-shin or his work based on such horrible people is a grave injustice. Examine impartially his work and see for yourself! http://www.abdrushin.us/

  12. i personally dont see anything wrong with doing this. it’s HER children after all

  13. I just don’t understand why they only get ten years. Why not 30 or more.
    I mean they are free to go out and have more children after ten years and do the same all over again.
    And why r they crying? didn’t they feel their children’s pain when they were crying?
    they just crying caz they got caught, not because they feel bad for the cruel things they have done.
    wicked disgusting people

    • IDIOT!!! Read my previous comment above! The only problem, which the child really had, was a psychological problem (no missing skin and no missing flash!)


  14. This is no more than a late term abortion that didn”t kill the child…wake up, there is the same thing as having a baby sucked out of your womb still allive and killing it.

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