You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Xiao Yun (Little Cloud) of Sichuan nearly naked sexy photos!

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Everyone PLEASE help
the earthquake victims in China!
THANK YOU in advance
for helping and please pray
for the victims and the
rescue teams.

Little Cloud             

            (The most beautiful woman in the world!)




26 Responses to “Xiao Yun (Little Cloud) of Sichuan nearly naked sexy photos!”

  1. I don´t think that these photos are as nasty as some people write.. In my opinion it´s a very good idea how to interest people about situation in Sichuan.. She can´t help with money, but she tries to interest in this way.. I don´t have a problem with it.. These photos are very nice art, no porn.. Very good…
    Good work, Xiao!

    Czech Republic

  2. Krásný fotky,ti co tě odsuzují tomu nerozumí.Nemáš se zy co stidět.

  3. Dear Xiao Yun, I had a look at your photos and you look really lovely, and it’s all for a good cause so well done…and take no notice of people who left you negative comments.

  4. hello I am from Czech republic and your photos are nice….send me a mesage please on my Mail….thanks…bye bye

  5. Hi,
    You have done something very nice – you have shown you have a warm heart and helped millions of suffering people.
    If there is anybody, who doesn’t like your idea, don’t listen to him!!! I bet those people don’t suffer from that earthquake!!!!!!!

  6. Moc pěkný :-))))

  7. you are beautiful….really:-*

  8. When it heping, I am on her side :-). Regrettably dont speak English, but Czech

  9. Your photos are very pretty, you are very pretty:-) Good Luck China!

  10. The photos are very nice.

  11. Very nice website. I am from Czech, but i will send money.

  12. you have a nice soul good luck for you

  13. Good ideal! And you’re very pretty . I hope you can make your dream come true!

  14. Hi, I highly appreciate what you are doing. It is really a meaningful job.

  15. Good idea

  16. I admire u, these pictures are good, it’s just the way to attract people. Keep doing like this, thanks for ur generous.

  17. Dear Xiao
    My you are beautiful and your photos are done in very good taste and you do not deserve The negative criticism tyou are receiving. And doing it for such a worthy cause and not personal gain like many others makes you a truly giving person. Hold your head high and be proud and ignore comments form those narrow minded individuals.

  18. vote cho em 1 phiếu, đẹp vãi 😀

  19. Nhìn em này muốn đi tù quá! (mình 87 đủ tuổi chưa nhỉ?)

  20. next time, guess you sell your body :))

  21. Đẹp lắm em iu!!! Tiếp tục phát huy hen…Em thể hiện tốt lắm, hy vọng lần sau sẽ được chiêm ngưỡng nhiều hơn 😀

  22. this is the prettiest chinese girl i have ever seen

  23. shen me kan bu jian. kan zhe me deo keke

  24. May god bless you for ur goodwill.
    dont make sense for negative criticism.
    china should proud of u.

  25. xiao yun, such beauty is rare, inner beauty that is and yours shines bright with your canvas being your blog, god bless the families who lost loved ones in this horrific event.

  26. sao toan nguoi Viet reply ta…. 85vn

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