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Xiao Yun (Little Cloud) of Sichuan China hot sexy photos!

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Little Cloud          




Teen strips for quake

A teenage girl is causing uproar in China

by posting scantily-clad pictures of herself

to raise money for the earthquake appeal.

The 19-year-old,

who calls herself Xiao Yun,

said it was her way of doing her bit for the victims,

reports the Information Times.

She lives in Beijing but is originally from Sichuan province where the earthquake hit and wanted to encourage more people to donate.

“It’s encouraging to see people donating to help –

I will release more photographs of myself to encourage more people to donate,” she wrote online.

“I am still a student,

so I am doing my part in my way.

I just want to give something back to my hometown.”

Her forum thread has had more than a million hits in just a few days as she keeps posting more pictures with more than 100 now online.

Some people are supporting her unusual way of fund-raising –

but others accuse her of attention-seeking.

One blogger posted:

“It’s a pity that these post-1990 girls are so shameless.

Is this all they know how to do?

What happened to their dignity?”

Responding to messages sent to her through the forum,

Xiao Yun wrote that she “felt terrible” and was “nearly in tears” after reading some of the more hurtful ones.

“I don’t regret posting the pictures –

I only regret they have been seen by people who cannot appreciate them,”

she wrote.



Everyone PLEASE help
the earthquake victims
in China!
THANK YOU in advance
for helping and please
pray for the victims
and the rescue teams.































76 Responses to “Xiao Yun (Little Cloud) of Sichuan China hot sexy photos!”

  1. I love you!

  2. i think her ideas is very good, she has a beautyful heart ( 2 meanings )and she is so beatyful girl . Best with for her and the victims in earth quake.

  3. Hello, Xiao.
    You have a beautiful body and your sincerity for your people moved my heart. Can I have more pictures of you? Please email me. 🙂

  4. wao ,Xiao Yun, you make so suprising, all mercy to you,TPHCM city-VietNam

  5. u r really kind, lenient, benign, and courageous. I admire u, u will be very popular in this world.

    Please write to me, i like u, i miss u.

    see u later.

  6. photos are really very good & innocent

  7. fuck you

  8. i don’t think what you do ‘s true or false, but i think you are confiden.
    good luck to you

  9. She look very cool,

  10. how beautyful you are~

  11. i appreciate her act . …..she is damn sexy..!!!!

  12. hello Xiao Yun!
    Lòng dũng cảm xuất phát từ trái tim của bạn. Tôi tôn trọng những hành động của bạn. Nếu bạn cảm thấy những gì mình làm đem lại hạnh phúc cho nhiều người khác thì xung quanh bạn sẽ có rất nhiều người ủng hộ bạn.

  13. A very creative way to show your sympathy to the victims.This is the most impressive donation that I’ve ever seen.Although your photos seem a little bit like porno pictures but anyway I really appreciate your work.

  14. You are very beautiful &very kind ! Best wishese to you & earth quake’s victims.
    I dont care who are you but your action is very great. I want to send you a thousand kisses.

  15. She can get fame after her semi-nude posting. She did not harm, hurt, kill anybody. That’s the way she can do something for her hometown and get famous. She’s smart.

  16. The photo’s are very well done, although I’m not a photographer by any standards.

    Good luck, and don’t take to heart what any critics might say. You’re doing a better job than most!

  17. Tôi không biết làm việc này đúng hay sai, nên tôi cũng ko đánh giá, ủng hộ hay phê phán…tuy nhiên, tôi ko thấy trong mình dấy lên 1 cảm xúc nào cả. Giá như….

  18. Very cute, love you

  19. Hi Xiao !
    It’s very nice to see some beauty picture of yours…..Nowadays,the world that we’re living is more open than before….I don’t understand why there’s some people who just not happy about what you’re doing….
    I can say that you’re a brave girl with a big heart for your poeple.Just keep doing what you think is a right things to do……and feel happy.

    Good Luck to you and your family……


  20. Your idea is great, but how can we know the victims will receive all the donation money?

  21. She’s beautiful!

  22. i really admire u…..

  23. Xin chào Xiao!

    Rất chúc mừng bạn vì ý tưởng độc đáo này. Bạn đừng lo gì nhé, nếu có ai muốn nói xấu bạn tức là họ còn xấu hơn. Bởi sự thật bên trong họ con bẩn thỉu và hèn hạ hơn.

    Bạn có cơ thể đẹp, ai cũng muốn ngắm và muốn ngắm nhiều hơn nữa. đó là một cách quyên tiền có ý nghĩa và khác hẳn những phương thức giáo điều, cải lương trước đây.

    Bạn nên có thêm số tài khoản hay địa chỉ cụ thể để nhận tiền hoặc lập lên một web cụ thể hơn để mọi người trên thế giới có thể gửi được tiền cho quỹ của bạn.

  24. I love the way u do!!!

  25. shit

  26. You are so damm sexy, I think you will attract a lot of attention. We need more girls like you, please continue posing your even hotter pictures!

  27. Everyone has his own way of doing things. Please let not criticize this girl because she chose to attract “our” attentions in this way – showing her nude photos.

    The important thing is she knows, we know that “DEATH is the end” to the ill-fated victims of the quake, but we have not done anything to help the “ALIVE” – the motherless, the fatherless out there by giving THEM our hands. And help. Any kind of help: such as the help this girl is offering…

    So, how shameless are you to even criticize her?

    But, I also have one question: to the people and Government of China? How much help has been provided by the Gov of China? The old saying goes “the one who can help you most is you, yourself, first”


  28. i think this is not best way..

    body = money?? so sad….

  29. fuck you!

  30. Hi,
    I read article about you in czech website novinky.cz and I was very surprised that there is still someone who can really do something to help the others instead of talking about but do nothing. People who say that you only want to be famous are idiots. I think they can do better if they take some money and send them to people in Sichuan. I wish you all the best. And the fotos are really nice 😉

  31. Mánádherný oči. a fotky jso to moc hezký, tak co…. každá normální holka by si přála mít takovouhle památku na roky, kdy byla mladá a krásná 🙂 udělala jenom dobře 🙂

  32. Hallo Xian, youre the absolutely amazing, courageous and beuaty girl. I feel very much with you idea. And take it easy, many of mens are dump, in all world.

  33. moc pěkný fotky 🙂 = very nice photos

  34. beautiful girl with good ideas it´s great

  35. 좋은데.. 중국 아가씨.. ktv에 가면 룸 에이스로 거듭날 듯..
    身材不错 ㅋㅋ

  36. Awesome photo’s of a beautiful young lady. I’d like to see more.

  37. Please don’t promote your semi-nudity pictures in the name of your people! They have had more than enough to go through!

  38. How do you track the funds donated from the viewers?
    Have you thought of your people before shooting these nude photos? Selling-off your body IS NOT the fattest way to get money. Please think carefully, young lady, before showing the world what you have inside! These nude photos just simply SATISFY curious eyes ! This is nice, but not a thoughtful idea!

  39. that a good idea good luck for you and chinese

  40. I appreciate the way you do for the earthquake’s victims chinness. I think that the Beijing olympic’ll receive th donation of many country in the world

  41. In reality I’m a person abolishing China because of its historical wicked intention for Vietnam, but though you’re Chinese, your action is a good will.
    Saigon, Vietnam.

  42. You can do another way to get money for the equark victims.
    That way not a best way but i think it is a fast way to get money for victims. Finally, you so nice and I hope that your way is true and can get a lot of money for victims! Best wish for you, my friend!

  43. China Country need you!!! Thank

  44. Bó tay.com ý tưởng độc đáo quá!

  45. Hi Xiao Yun ,
    Your action is so nice . I believe you will receive much thanks from victims .

  46. you very beautiful. i like you .very cool kiss you 10000000000

  47. i love you 😀

  48. hiz muốn nổi tiếng thì tìm việc khác .dừng có lấy cớ ủng hộ mà khoe hàng

  49. cave lam tro` thi` dung hon tra thay ti nha^n van nao` ca?

  50. thanks very much

  51. you are a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart!
    Let’s pray for earthquake victims!
    Xiao Yun! We wish you a beautiful life and brighteness future! I LOVE YOU!
    Thank you!

  52. But, please think twice before doing anything!

  53. cam on ban vi nhung dong gop co y nghia cua minh

  54. you have a kind heart!! the kind heart with a beauty body, it is great!happy to you! wish you to help people in your country!I hope I can do as you do, but I can’t because I am a man, perhaps I will find other way! do your parents support u?? do you have boyfriend? what does your boyfriend think about you??

  55. thanks …….. & i love u

  56. Đúng hay sai ! Đó là quan điểm của mỗi người. Với cá nhân tôi thì : Đem đến cho mọi người là hạnh phúc của chính mình.

    Còn việc làm của bạn có đem lại hạnh phúc cho mọi người hay không ? Còn xem chính bạn có hay không có

  57. Beautiful work! I’ve learn out something.

  58. U really Pro

  59. I Luv U

  60. thanks! I loveeee youuuuuuu

  61. […] that’s a very tasteful set of pictures. hardly nude. Xiao Yun of Sichuan China hot sexy photos! 22MOON.COM […]

  62. Can we see some pussy and asshole shots please?

  63. You are a very beautiful young lady and very courageous for posting oictures of yourself for such a worthy cause. Ignore the more hateful comments. Good luck!

  64. Pls DONT call me Xiao. N I only know English n Chinese , If u type other than that , I ignore U all.

  65. 你好,小云!你身体很漂亮!我喜欢你。我爱你!我爱中国女人,四川女人!我爱中国人!
    邓进勇 (男性)-Dang Tien Dzung

  66. Trái tim và mục đích bạn thực hiện thật đẹp và thật cao cả như chính khuôn hình bạn vậy, nhưng ở một khía cạnh nào đó, một số hình ảnh bạn chụp ở tư thế thiếu nghệ thuật và thừa tính khiêu khích nhiều hơn…
    Phải chi bạn chỉ dừng lại ở một góc quay nhất định…you are so beautifull.

  67. Chào tiểu vân!
    Em thật dũng cảm! em đã làm nhưng việc ma không phải ai cũng dám làm. Tât nhiên đã có nhưng phản đối đơn giản chỉ vì họ không đủ sắc đẹp và một tấm lòng để làm như em! chúc em đạt được nguyên vọng của mình. Em rất đẹp!

  68. But, please think twice before doing anything!

  69. 400usd

  70. u are very nice.everything about u.all.i like u.i love every u do

  71. sao ko coi nua ra

  72. How about fucking with me, lass. You really can get money more and faster by that way.

  73. …to stupid,you just make others want sex,i dont think your pics will make people help the victim,to provocative,you do this for people who died,terrible,just to upstage,you just make men to satisfy the sexual desire…

  74. I don’t think the victims will like this.

    It is an insult to them

  75. Okie, How much for one night? indeed !!!


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