You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Neil McAndrew busty British bombshell photos!

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Here’s NEIL McANDREW showing why

so many underwear firms are desperate

to make her the face of their brands,

claims The U.K. Sun.

Nell doesn’t seem to do as many

of these shoots as she used to.

I suppose being a mum,

coupled with filming all those fitness DVDs

and her endless charity work,

she hardly has the time.

Shame, as we’ll never get tired

of seeing Nell posing in her smalls.


2 Responses to “Neil McAndrew busty British bombshell photos!”

  1. Hi Neil ,

    I first fell in love with you when you were on the cover of Maxim

    – thats the only copy I have retained because of you

    You are really stunning and your eyes are captivating


  2. Ooh – I am just crazy about Neil McAndrew

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