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Joe Jonas reveals his secret crush!


The Jonas Brothers star Joe Jonas has confessed

to having a crush on Girls Aloud singer

Cheryl Cole.

The teen sensation is a huge fan of British girls,

including Harry Potter  actress Emma Watson,

WENN reports june 16th.

But the 18-year-old has set his sights on new

X-factor judge Cole, insisting she outshines

her fellow bandmates thanks to her gorgeous looks.

He says,

“Oh my God, Cheryl Cole! 

All of Girls Aloud are beautiful

but Cheryl is just like, wow!

“British girls are great and I think their

accent is very cute.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in the U.K.

over the last few months and we love it.

We feel at home when we come to the U.K.”

6 Responses to “Joe Jonas reveals his secret crush!”

  1. i love you and i am british

    how could you i am crying={

  2. i dont think that joe really said that

  3. i do not thyink he has any entrusts in these girls he is a good man and dose not care about sexy half naked girls he likes unique girls and dont worry you would know if he was dating someone because it would be in magazines of him and a girl kissing like i saw of venasea hudgens and zac efron doin in a mag
    so thats how you will know and when that day comes i will be sad but happy for him

  4. she is fit who wouldnt fancy that

  5. she is sexy

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