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When on the Internet, always tell the truth. The confusion it causes is delightful. Rash Manly

June 7, 2008

  Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.                                     Oscar Wilde  

Kim Kardashian sexy naughty photos!

June 7, 2008

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Free Spirit Ball House!

June 7, 2008

Free Spirit Houses (British Columbia, Канада)  Big ball-like houses hanging on trees  (PRAVDA) photo: novate.ru

Madonna keeps showing off, please stop already!!!

June 7, 2008

I TUNED in to Channel 4 to see MADONNA’s new video on Thursday night, reports The U.K. Sun June 6th. And for the first time I felt a bit guilty watching a 49-year-old woman prancing around in her undercrackers. I know she works hard to stay in shape and wants to show it off, but […]

Sexy lesbian vampires are being exploited in films, the horror, THE HORROR!

June 7, 2008

Sexy lesbian vampires are being exploited!