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Radical Muslims hate Christians, Jews and gays, but don’t dare mention it.

Christians Persecuted by Muslims


Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible tracts by police officers because they were in a Muslim neighborhood in England.

According to British news reports, the preachers were told by a Muslim community support police officer in Birmingham that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity is a hate crime.

They were warned that if they came back and were beaten up, it would be their fault, not that of the thugs who beat them.

“He said we were in a Muslim area and were not allowed to spread our Christian message,”

one of the preachers said.

“He said we were committing a hate crime by telling the youths to leave Islam and said that he was going to take us to the police station.”

The officer threatened,

“If you come back here and get beaten up, well you have been warned.”

Remember, this was not in the Middle East. It was a neighborhood in Birmingham, England, a nation whose official church is the Church of England, a Christian denomination.

The preachers were Americans who have lived in England for many years and they were obeying Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to all mankind and not merely to those who are not offended by hearing his message of love.

It’s called freedom of speech. Except in England where it is a hate crime to preach in what have become “no-go” areas for Christian preachers.

It gets worse. British columnist Melanie Phillips reported an attack on the Rev. Michael Ainsworth by three Muslim youths in his own East London churchyard. She wrote that it was far from the first such attack in the area. Indeed, she wrote,

“There appear to have been many attacks on vicars or churches by Muslims who are clearly intent on turning east London into a no-go area for Christians.”

Phillips recalled another attack on the church, where families were showered with glass when a brick was thrown through a window during a service.

Allan Ramanoop, a member of the Parochial Church Council, told her that parishioners are often too scared to challenge the gangs.

On one occasion, youths shouted: “This should not be a church, this should be a mosque, you should not be here.”

Said Ramanoop, “I just walked away from it — you are too frightened to challenge them. We have church windows smashed two to three times a month. The youths are anti-Christian.”

The Rev. Alan Green said it was the latest in a series of “faith hate” crimes in the borough. “There are one or two incidents of faith hate every month across the borough and across all faiths.”

Talk about hate crimes.

The real tragedy lies in the fact that governments all over the Western world are not only turning a blind eye to Muslim efforts to establish communities ruled by Sharia — Muslim law — in defiance of established national law, but are enacting laws that would punish those who place their nation’s traditional interests above those of a foreign faith.

We’re going to see more of this as you see governments kowtowing to Muslim extremists.

The more you see the Muslim influence coming into the United States the more you are going to see Muslims demanding and getting laws defining the promotion of Christianity to Islamists as a hate crime that will get you tossed in the slammer.

Don’t tell me what happened in London can’t happen here. It can and it will. It’s called jihad, and it’s worldwide.


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  2. We fixed them up in Gujarat India. You guys have to take care of your own turf. First these buggers start out with banning all other religions but their own in countries where they are in majority. Then they move to other countries where some other religion is in majority and occupy boroughs and start all over again till they fill up the whole country. History has many examples through more than 1500 years. ACT NOW

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