You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

MOON poetry by Del “Abe” Jones


It grows each night brighter
The face is clear.
Nights not so dark — lighter
The time is near.
The blood inside my veins
Flowing faster
As my body complains
Strange feelings stir.
Unexplainable changes
Not imagined –real
My mind rearranges
How changed I feel.
I’m restless, what to do?
Where do I go?
I’m lonely and I’m blue.
My own worst foe!
I do some crazy things
Without thinking
The time of month that brings
Hopeless dreaming.
Watching the full moon rise
Up into the sky
I hear ancient cries
And I wonder why.
Del “Abe” Jones
When ready for a change 
Feeling down/getting high
The gods must re-arrange 
That moonstone in the sky.
Like the tides the seas
That flow and ebb to shore 
The tide inside of us
Does all of that, and more.
Sometimes we get happy
And sometimes we get sad 
The flow may bring the best 
Or the worst of the bad.
One time we’re light-headed 
The next, can’t lift our feet
The opposite, instead
When those tides retreat.
That moonstone in the heavens 
Controls the will of man
It begins where it ends
And ends where it began.
Del “Abe” Jones
The full moon hangs overhead 
Lighting up the autumn sky 
The night clouds making silouhettes 
As they drift, slowly by.
I feel it’s awesome power 
As it pulls and tugs at me 
Like, the tides of waters 
Of earth’s ocean and sea.
Some people think, it’s forces 
Are nonsense, nothing more 
But, these feelings in my heart 
Are, far beyond, folklore.
It seems that, all things I am 
And the real me, that’s inside 
Comes rushing to the surface 
Like a current’s rip-tide.
There’s no way to ebb the flow 
I must, let it run it’s course 
Wishing I could understand it 
Or could find it’s secret source.
All I can do, is hold on tight 
Against, the fury of the storm 
Ride it out, until it’s over 
And a brand-new moon is born.
Del “Abe” Jones

I was drivin’ home
And looked up at the Moon
And, I thought, “Damn, again.
Here it is, so soon.”

It seems like, just yesterday
I saw it shining there
In a little different place
I saw it’s eerie glare.

It makes the blood in my veins
Flow like the Oceans’ tide
And no matter where I am
It seems I cannot hide.

Maybe the fish inside of me
Is trying to swim upstream
To find out where I came from
Or maybe where I’ve been.

Some people don’t believe it
But, inside I know it’s true
That, those ol’ Moontides
Have to do, what I do.

I guess I’m still evolving
Trying to learn to Spawn
Like every thing on earth
Has done, since the worlds’ dawn.

We’ll prob’ly be the species
A million years from now
Who’ll be the ones extinct
And They will wonder “How?”.

If I had the answers
To where those Tides are flowing
Then I might have a clue
To where, I am going.

But, I can’t control it
And guess, I’ll never know
Why I keep on fighting
Lifetimes’ ebb and flow.

The waves are getting smaller
As they wash upon the beach
And I guess until I drown
I’ll always have to reach.

Del “Abe” Jones
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