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Kim Kardashian claims she does not use butt padding!


THOSE rumours just won’t go away, reports the U.K. Sun June 2nd.


KIM KARDASHIAN has once again denied claims that her famous bum is boosted by padded underwear.

The Playboy favourite – who recently auctioned off some of her wardrobe for charity – has been accused of bolstering her booty with the help of foam pants.

But Kim has hit back on her blog, saying:

“OMG! When will people get off my a**e, literally!

“I have said it a million times before and I’ll say it again:

‘My booty is as real as the designer items I’m auctioning off on eBay’.”

And Kim’s not just using her blog to deny wearing buttpads.


It’s also a platform to display some of her most intimate shoots.

Above is one of the outtakes from a shoot for Ralph magazine in LA that she recently posted.



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