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Tatum O’Neal busted while researching crack head film role!


DRUG cops swooped to arrest Oscar-winning former child star TATUM O’NEAL yesterday as she bought crack cocaine from a skid row tramp, Emily Smith reports for The U.K. Sun.

The troubled ex-wife of tennis legend JOHN McENROE was thrown in a police cell — after claiming she was RESEARCHING for a screen role.

Tatum, 44 — daughter of Hollywood actor RYAN O’NEAL — was in tears as she was hauled off to a New York nick.

A source said she told street cops who seized her in broad daylight outside a Chinese restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side: “You know who I am, right?

“I’m researching a part — I’m doing this for a part as a junkie.”

Police searched the former heroin addict, who has a luxury apartment a few blocks away — and found a crack pipe on her.

The actress, who won her Oscar in 1973 at the age of ten, broke down in tears as she begged officers not to arrest her — claiming she had been clear of drugs for two years.

She is said to have sobbed:

“Today was the first time I was relapsing, but you guys saved me. Can you let me go?”

Last night she appeared in court charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. A judge bailed her until July 28.

Tatum refused to comment as she left the hearing. She became the youngest-ever Oscar winner for her role as a child con artist in the movie Paper Moon.

Her 1986 marriage to McEnroe ended in divorce six years later. Tatum’s acting career hit the skids as her drug problems spiralled. McEnroe won custody of their three children Kevin, Sean and Emily because the mum was hooked on heroin.

She claimed to have finally kicked drugs after going into rehab in 1996.

Last year she publicly warned BRITNEY SPEARSto seek “recovery and get her disease of addiction together”.

Tatum said:

“I relate to her and feel really sad for her. I did everything that she doesn’t want to do.”


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  1. Let’s hope she gets some real, long lasting treatment this time.

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