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Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer married The Berlin Wall!


BEIJING, May 28 (Xinhuanet) – CHINA VIEW— A Swedish woman with a passion for inanimate objects revealed that she has been married to the Berlin Wall for 29 years.

    Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, 54, whose surname means Berlin Wall in German, said she fell in love with the Berlin Wall in childhood, when she saw “his” pictures on TV.

    She began collecting “his” pictures and saving up for visits.

On her sixth trip in 1979 they tied the knot before a handful of guests.

    She claimed that the Great Wall of China’s attractive, but it’s too thick and her “husband” is sexier.

    While she remains a virgin with humans, she insists she had a full, loving relationship with the wall.

    “It’s not just pleasuring myself.

I want to please my partner when we make love.”

    While the rest of mankind rejoiced when the Berlin Wall was largely torn down in 1989, its “wife” was horrified.

    She’s never been back and now has only model to remind her of “his” former glory.

    “We all have to live on this earth and the only way to peace, friendship and freedom is accepting and respecting even if one doesn’t understand. As long as nobody is injured all is well,” said Berliner-Mauer.

10 Responses to “Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer married The Berlin Wall!”

  1. Thats my wall you hooker!!! HOME WRECKER!!

  2. LMAO! this is hilarious…as if!
    come on GET A LIFE!!!!

  3. Omg, i totally understand, i am in love and married to Hadrians wall.We have a full sexual relationship and we are very happy. I know he feels it too. nobody understands me but i feel a connection with you and my husband Hadrian, we have been married for a long time now. And i wish u and your husband a long happy existence


  4. What a lucky woman.
    I had a 7 year relationship with a wall but he left me for a scaffolding pole. They’re all the same.

  5. isssues much???

  6. You people are monsters! A woman’s relationship should not be published as ‘entertainment’ for everyone else.

    A lady’s private life with a wall is exactly that – Private.
    You should all respect her feelings.

    Beryl Schuller

  7. My wife left me for Mr. Buzzy and his 2 batteries.

  8. If you reproduced would we hear the sound of little building bricks?

    • Yeah,
      i think their offspring is lego blocks,
      pregnancy is a bitch,
      but its all worth it 2 see there little plastic faces

  9. Your all dicks, I guess you push disabled kids down stairs and rob the homeless for what they have as well?
    She has objectophilia its not her fault she is this way, if anything I feel terrible for her!

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