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Oprah Winfrey’s secrets exposed in Stedman’s new “smell all” book!


Oprah Winfrey’s long time boyfriend Stedman 

is writing a ten million dollar tell all book,

and the intimate details revealed will have

the talk show host fuming, claims

The National Enquirer in the latest issue.


“There is no question Steadman will get at least ten million for his book – considering he’s been by Oprah’s side for more than 20 years, it will be a real page turner!”
An insider revealed,
“This isn’t the first time Stedman has thought about writing a book,”  and he’s finally decided to do it.
According to The Enquirer, Stedman once found Oprah in bed with Gayle King!
Stedman wants to write about the unusual redlationship between Oprah and her best friend, the 53 year old Gayle King.
The insider was quoted as saying,
“It has fascinated fans for years,  but is very misunderstood.  
Even Stedman was a little confused early in their relationship when he walked into Oprah’s room and found her in bed with Gayle.”
But Oprah and Gayle are best friends, and when they get together they can be like two teenagers having a sleepover.  
They think nothing of hanging out together in the same bed, talking and laughing.
“But the longer he was with Oprah, the more he understood that she and Gayle are more like sisters than anything else.  They share every detail of their lives with each other – in detail!”
said the insider.
“In the past, oprah has managed to convince Stedman to ignore book offers.  But things are different now.  Stedman has started putting himself first.  
He has decided to write a book that will put him on the best- sellers list and make a name for himself in a whole new arena.”
Oprah convinced Stedman to become involved in the Obama campaign, and Stedman wants to write about the pain he suffered that came from their involvement.        

“Stedman was caught between Barak’s wife Michelle and Oprah.  
Despite what they say for public consumption, they are not friends.
Michelle hated Oprah being so involved,
was jealous of her power and resented her blatent flirting with Barack.  
Michelle even warned her husband if he didn’t start backing away from Oprah, it would put a serious crack in their marriage.  
Obama was shocked, and Stedman was caught smack in the middle of the fight.”
Stedman’s biggest regret is that he and Oprah never had a baby.  
Oprah was paralyzed with fear about having a baby, worried it would destroy her career.  
Stedman tried to talk her into it, but was never able to.
“Oprah could easily have hired a nanny, but she always said if she had a baby, she was going to be extremely hands-on.”
Stedman will also tell how Oprah spends lavishly on herself, including jewelry and every new electronic ‘toy’ that comes along.
Oprah spends millions of dollars a month on herself and helping others, paying families medical bills and paying off delinquent mortgages.  
She also gives away cars and houses.  
Millions are spent on her school in South Africa, and her travel bills are staggering.
The source continued,
“There’s nothing Oprah can say or do to stop him.  
People have been writing about Stedman and whispering all kinds of stories, so he feels the time is right to tell who he really is –

and the best way is to write a candid book about his life.”

48 Responses to “Oprah Winfrey’s secrets exposed in Stedman’s new “smell all” book!”

  1. Can I say Black Power?

  2. That’s what she gets for not leaving him anything in her will.

  3. he’s greedy and he wont make a name for his self this will just confirm that he has no life his life is through oprah!!! what ever she does in her private life belongs to her. she is a true televesion personality and should be able to keep some things private. back off sted you vulture.

  4. I adore Oprah, she is one of the best role models around. I feel that if she wants to spend the rest of her life being with Gayle whether as a friend or lover, it is nobody’s business. I believe that she owes an explanation to God only not any mere human like herself. What can you and I do for her or to her; she is at the highest pinnacle of this world and should be free to exercise her God-given freedom, love, and soul. I don’t think she have to justify, rationalize, or give personal information to anyone about her love life or any aspect of her private life. She is great, she is hilarious, and she is blessed. Let her be!

  5. Who cares…!!!

  6. I appreciate Stedman’s willingness to write this book. For over 2 decades I admired Oprah’s leadership and grace with countless topics. I felt her integrity was a gift to this nation. I no longer feel that way. To put things bluntly, she’s changed. Her shows are no longer centered on issues and questions designed to help people become their best. They are now about promoting her personal opinions and agenda. Her magazine is not about promoting the goodwill of earlier shows. They are about promoting her image and power- literally. Her face is on the cover of every issue. Her ego no longer fits in my living room- never mind my coffee table. But her recent decision to promote undue influence in American politics is manipulative and dangerous. I’d LOVE to know what the heck has happened to her!

    • Sooooooooooooo true.

      She’s been hurting people
      with her involvement in politics.

      I agree with Michelle and your Rashida.

      Why is she so power hungry?

  7. From a 59 year-old southern white guy. DITTO, Rashita.

  8. From a 48 year old woman…I couln’t agree more! Well said, Rashita!

  9. Oprah, The power of God within you will cause you to surpass all the bondages and limitation the human mind has over the years tried to limit you with.

    Rise, Oprah, Rise, but most important have and nurture an uncommon relationship with your Creator, the Almighty God. That’s what will make the difference. You cannot leave this world alive so make sure that your heart and soul is right with God.

    God has position you for such a time as this; especially your helping hand in removing poverty and suffering of our children and families in African.

    Repentance has come for many celebrities, walk in it Oprah.

  10. Rashida, you and the 58 year old southern white guy above are in agreement that Oprah should stay out of politics. 48 years ago the Southern White Guy was 10 years old and can still remember when Whites only beaches, golf courses, and water fountains flourished in southern states. He can remember when there were no black mayors or senators or congressman from southern states. He can remember when the Dixiecrats switched from the Democrats to the Republican party because of integration. And he is aligned with you. Standing arm-in-arm with you.

    See its OK, for the white women on The View to have a political opinion. Its even OK for a white woman on The View to campaign on behalf of McCain/Palin. But suddenly Oprah is a problem when she steps out of her comfort-zone and promotes a fellow Chicagoan politically. She could have chosen to be the apolitical equivalent of Michael Jordan, but she did not. She chose to let her voice be heard.

    I applaud Oprah for that decision. Because that decision could have cost her viewership and ad revenue as a result.

  11. Gee, do you think Oprah will put his book in her book club?

  12. Stedman need not make a name for him self he already has just by being with Oprah. after all how much farther can his name go? he is known for being the long time boyfriend to Oprah I mean come on.

  13. What new?

  14. It’s angry people like Izzy who continue dropping the race card even in unsolicited situations. We as a black people will never see the lines between black and white blotted out when everything always ends up becoming an issue of race.

    Oprah has issues. She has become intrusively arrogant. She and Kathy Lee don’t know when to shuttup. If it was really about “her voice being heard”, that would be one thing. But the fact is, to her, it was all about ”electing a black president”. Sure, she threw other Obama praises in, but the resounding message from Oprah was her excitement over the possibility of electing a black president.

    The criticism has nothing to do with her being black. It has to do with her being abnoxious.

    Grow up.

    • Tayshawn:

      I disagree wholeheartedly–
      race is always an issue
      and the sooner you wake up and see that,
      the better!

  15. It’s the existential terror of total freedom. Having everything you
    could ever want, or ever want to do. There’s nothing left.
    Could that be what makes her depressed?
    I stopped watching Oprah at least 2 years ago. Could no longer
    stand her giving away gifts to extremely well-dressed people who didn’t look like they needed them in the least.
    On those give-away days her staff should have packed the seats with only street-people and given stuff away. And not stupid fripperies.
    I hope she regains herself instead of more weight.

  16. Oprah is being used as a scapegoat. Do you all see the ends justifies the means. Some of her adversaries need to grow up! Oprah does not have to explain her actions, back off or defend any position to be politically correct. The guilty flee. Oprah I Love You! Don”t let anyone stop you from being the person you are. Perhaps Oprah can do a segment on the Washington, D.C. Perspertives?

  17. The point isn’t weather you like Oprah or not. Nor is it weather she deserves it or not. Stedman writing a book on their life together is an invation of privacy and a betrayal of the trust partners share.It is a bitter man who who needs an act of vengence to boost his self esteem. Pathetic–very pathetic.

  18. I’m sure there is a lot of dirt behind the scenes (there always is) so if Stedman decides to put it out there (which I doubt) – hey might as well. Somebody else is sure to do it! It gonna happen whether he pens that book or some other “insider” does. I’m sure Gail got more dirt on her then a whole lot of other people, you never know how the winds is gonna blow in either case. If I was Oprah I start putting my own dirt out there first before anybody else has a chance to capitalize on it.

  19. If steadman really truely loves Oprah, his book won’t have anykind of negative press. The only time that there will be a book and possibly a movie, would be after her death. No one alive cannot put it out now I don’t think.

  20. I think Stedman is her beard. I am certain she is gay. Because by now nature would take its course and she would have married.
    Gale is useing her for her money and has to put up with her.
    i hear she is a drunk and smells. From an inside worker.
    She is a bona fide phoney and so caught up in her money, she pretends to feel sorry for the poor but then again spends millions on herself. A true saint as she projects would not do what she does.
    No money in the world can make her beautiful.

  21. I have personally met and talked with Stedman. I wouldn’t say he is living in her fortune as he has money of his own. It’s not as if i have met him once either, my neighbor is his family so i have talked with him on more then one occasion and beleive me, he doesnt need oprah’s money.

  22. I feel sorry for Sandra coz she sound bitter and jelly. ?issues of her own. Whether oprah is gay or not is no-one’s business. She’s worked for her money therefore, she should be let to use it anyhow she pleases. If she wanted to flush it down the toilet, why not? but, didn’t she ever say she was beautiful coz she has all that money? i don’t think so.
    people need to leave oprah alone and go make something of themselves and get a life.

  23. Unfortunately, in our society money gets attention. Therefore, the spotlight shines on the people with the money. Far too much emphasis is placed on the thoughts, deeds, and opinions of entertainers and athletes in this country. In recent years, African Americans have become a large percentage of those wealthy people The scales have been unbalanced for so long in America that my feelings are torn in a variety of directions. On the one hand, I’m pleased that African American children have Oprah and President Obama as inspirations. Contrastly, it saddens me that so many things still come down to the issue of race. The only solution I envision is for parents and families to take back their rightful place as the guiding force and source of inspiration in their children’s lives. Then, maybe future generations will have a hope of seeing Oprah, Barack, and other public figures in a more healthy perspective than our generation is able to.

  24. <b.We ALL have our own issues from the past,
    or present that we don't wish the world to know.

    Sadly when one is in the spotlight,
    almost always there will be people that
    will want to bring them down for whatever reason,
    so they will do their best to dig up your
    not so good past or worse,
    create it.

    Love her or hate,
    it wont change the fact that she has done
    well for herself and we have watched her do it.

    Leave her be,
    let her live her life as she pleases,
    watch her if you like her shows,
    change the channel if you don't
    and life goes on.

    Stedman should make a name for himself
    by himself and not ride on Oprahs name.

  25. Well said Kudzi,
    Oprah has helped so many people
    and she is a nice person.

    Thank You for the thoughtful comments
    and Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  26. One must question Oprah’s influence.

    What are her motives.

    She is idolized like a God
    and yet she is just a human.

    She even teaches that we are God’s.

    This is an untrue teaching,
    and because Oprah said it,
    people believe that it is truth.

    That is the real problem.

    It coud be anything, she has been put up
    on a pedistal that she could say the sky
    is purple and so many would say she
    is speaking truth.

    That is so disgusting when
    you really think about it.

    Just watch peoples faces as
    she walks onto the stage.

    She knows that she is able to manipulate
    peoples belief’s and she takes full advantage of it.

    Yes she does great things for people,
    but also with full anouncement of her actions.

    She wants the recognition
    of her good deeds from people.

    Is it done with a right heart,
    or does she want people to see
    “how good she is”?

    Her new views and influences
    have disappointed me lately,
    because she is so sure that her
    opinion is so correct.

    I fear for her judgement day.

    She needs to acknowledge that God is God,
    and that she is not “a God”

    People need to get wise to who she really is.
    What are her motives really.

    Beware of what she is teaching.

  27. That is so well written Sheel!

    I like Oprah and all,
    but to tell the truth,
    I fully agree with all that you say.

    Thank You for saying out loud
    what so many think but dare not say.

    I fully agree with your thoughts.

    Well said and well written Sheel.

    Thank You for sharing that and
    Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  28. How come Oprah can expose
    everyone else’es private lives?

    But hers is off limits.

    Looks like her chickens
    have come home to roost
    if you ask me.

  29. Good question Ramona,
    I never thought of it that way
    but you have a great point!

    Thank You for saying that and
    Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  30. we will love oprah no matter what.

    madonna’s brother writing his book
    has hardly put a dent in her career has it?

    she should just beat him to it
    and write her own bio:
    now THAT would be a page turner…

  31. We need more black power posters on the general board section of literotica.

  32. (I approved the comment below
    but it did not appear so I’m
    cut and pasting it. Rash)

    Sooooooooooooo true.

    She’s been hurting people
    with her involvement in politics.

    I agree with Michelle and your Rashida.

    Why is she so power hungry?


  33. http://rashmanly.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/kitty-kellys-oprah-book-claims-winfrey-rewrote-her-past/

    I agree with you Jan,
    Oprah already has millions
    of dollars,
    is that not power enough?


  34. can’t believe, there are stupid people around who believes everything they read

  35. i think if oprah wants gail and gail wants oprah so what
    stedman continue to be the sham for them and enjoy
    your perks and get you somebody
    don’t be a hater you should have
    married her when she wanted to
    and you was playing hard to get
    so now she wants something else
    and it’s not you suck it up.
    you had your chance and you blew it

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  38. I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT! A blind man could see that Oprah was sweating Obama! Michelle, you go girl! You stood by your man from beginning when he started building his carrerr and now she coming alone trying to steal him! I saw that too! When he had his speech in that Chicago park, Oprah had stars in her eyes like a love sick puppy! SMDH……#hotmess!

  39. Miss O I dont care what any one said you are not too tall but you are handsome and sexy.
    Sexy to me is intelligent loving caring honest ambitious and not afraid to use up all their skills may God continue to bless the godess I love you and I hope ane day my dreams will come true
    I have had dreams with you will obama john denzil and I know that dreams do come true

  40. It’s a pitty how some of you dwell in badmouthing Oprah.
    As long as you stay engaged in outher stuff
    and being superficial you will not understand
    that the Almighty God works through us humans.

    His holy spirit connects and speaks through us
    everytime compassion and care is spread!

    So instead of being grateful that she at least shares,
    teaches and shows love, care and true compassion while
    being human like everybody else,
    going through the same human emotions,
    the hights and lows,
    you nagg like little children,
    showing everything but love!

    You all need to understand that it’s impossible
    to maintain a mask for so many years in the erea
    of true love, God who is the source of love does
    not allow that!

    So for those who think badmouting her would
    bring her down eventually,
    Oprah will Never fall because of
    her secret weapon=True Love
    realy lives greatly in her inner!

    So don’t dwell in little details,
    look at the big picture.
    Don’t be a sleeper, awake!

    and thank God for her!

  41. Through the years she worked at her innerself
    and grew into a human with a large flame
    of burning love within.
    Pray that God keeps not only her but everyone
    around her happy and save so they can continue
    showing her love,
    care and true compassion,
    the fuel needed for her to keep on this
    path of doing her work for love,
    enlighting and making fellow humans aware!

    So also thanks to Stedman,
    who surely must be a good man.

    Thanks to Gail for being such a wonderful friend,
    her other friends, family, her animals,
    the people she works with and everyone else
    who has true compassion,
    love and care for her.
    We must not weaken the ones that have
    our best intrest but empower them!

    I wish you all a brighter
    view and more inner growth!

  42. Ps …….I’m sure Stedman will not write about things
    that belong only to the two them!

    Sorry for all the sensation seekers!
    Start putting your concentration and
    ennergy on more important aspects,
    to help make this world a better place!

    • i am self motivated and never shoot negitivite
      to anyone mecause i kkow when you spit in the sky
      to where iy falls.
      i find your coment very intimidating
      you should be more possive i love oparah
      one love to all

  43. so as far as i can tell oprah and gayle sleep together in the same bed and wear each others clothes by gayles own admission on her website they deny being a couple she was asked to put herself forward as a candidate for president but refused choosing instead to promote barry soesino aka obamas real name on his birth certificate Jah bless

  44. Where there is smoke there is fire. If Gail is gay, she doesn’t have a partner, she goes every where with Oprah, they sleep together camping, etc Hello People, they are lovers. Stedman is also Oprah’s lover. It is not rocket science. But gee, I mean don’t believe your lying ears and eyes if that’s the way you feel.

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