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The reports of Oleg Filppov’s death were greatly exaggerated

Oleg Filippov, 44-year old citizen of Chelyabinsk, Russia, found that he is itemized as dead, PRAVDA recently reported.

He even has death certificate that proves him dead and a grave in the cemetery with a cross and his name on it.

He asked the watchman in the cemetery to remove the cross, but the man refused, saying he has no evidence that the man in the grave is really alive.


When Oleg’s grave was found, Oleg’s mother turned pale and his wife was crushed. She couldn’t bear it to be a widow.

Once Oleg didn’t receive a monthly apartment bill. He decided to ask Housing Department what was wrong and was shocked to find out that everybody considers him dead!

Housing Department members told Oleg that he doesn’t have to pay for his apartment, because they received his death certificate from Hospital No 8. So Filippov headed there.

There he was astonished to see his own death certificate with his first and last name, date of birth and death on it!

There also was written his diagnosis: death from purulent meningitis.

Soon the mistake was found out.

The death certificate was meant for another man, who had the same first and last name and date of birth. He, however, had a different patronymic. Somebody must have mixed it up.

While being at law with Civil Registry Office, Oleg had time to get married. Surprisingly enough, he got married in the very Civil Registry Office that a few weeks before signed a death certificate for Oleg.

This fake death brought Oleg a great pile of problems.

First, Housing Department refuses to register the man in his apartment again. Then, Filippov has great problems with getting employed. Nobody wants to hire a dead man.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova


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