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Most Seductive Women Of All Time winners Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe


   BEIJING, CHINA VIEW, April 19 —

They’re the epitome of sexuality.

Men drool over them and women get envy of their beauty and curves. Now, Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie have been named as the “most seductive women of all time,” according to a British survey.

    According to British women, Monroe – the most seductive woman from the past, and Jolie – the most seductive living woman.

    But while British women thought that Hollywood stars were brimming with alluring attributes, they felt less confident about their own power to bewitch, the survey found.

    The survey, conducted by fabric conditioner firm Lenor, found that the art of seduction in danger of being “lost” in Britain, because almost half of the respondents said they did not feel seductive, reports the Telegraph.

    And as far as the culprit for it is concerned, the women blamed their hectic lifestyles for it.

    Out for the respondents, 51 per cent said that they couldn’t remember the last time they felt in the mood for seduction, something they believed “mostly happens in the movies.”

    A new dress, compliments from a boyfriend or husband and some beautiful lingerie were listed as the things that could help British women get in the mood.

    Almost half felt most seductive while wearing black and 69 percent said their favorite fragrance made their thoughts turn to love.

    (Source: China Daily/Agencies)

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