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Homewrecker Barbara Walters is a serial adulterer!

Queen of Home Wreckers Barbara Walters not only had many sleazy affairs, she is bragging about them in her new smell all book, according to The National Enquirer.


“Barbara sexual revelations make Paris Hilton look like a saint!” said a publishing source who had read Barbara’s book

“Audition: A Memoir”.


Hot Panties Barbara had an affair with a married man named Claude Philippe, the head of catering at several posh New York hotels.


Barbara knew he was married but screwed around with him for two years anyway. 

“I wasn’t thinking of marrying again, so his being married somehow didn’t bother me.”  

She is quoted as saying. 


Finally Barbara married again, and promptly started her sleazy affair with the very married Senator Edward Brooks.


“Ed Brooks was simply the most attractive, sexiest, funniest, charming and impossible man…and there was the fascination of our having to be so secretive…  Forbidden fruit and all that.” Barbara bragged in her book.


Edward Brooks wife at the time, Rernigia Brooke, told a family friend,

“Barbara Walters stole my husband – and broke up my marriage!”

Senator Brooks and his Italian born wife had been married 31 years, and had two daughters.


Rernigia Brookes died in 1994.

“We always thought she died of a broken heart.”

A relative told The Enquirer.


Horndog Walters also slept with Alan Greenspan, John Warner and Alan ‘Ace” Greenberg.


Her third marriage to producer Merv Adelson

only lasted six years.  Wonder why.


A source was quoted as saying,

“Nothing sparked Barbara’s passion like stolen love.”


Is that not just the sweetest way to phrase Barbara’s scandalous behaviour.

A quote from Rash Manly would be more along these lines.


“Nothing sparked Free Whore Walters passion for married men more than stealing husbands.”

If Barbara would have spent more time pleasing at least one of her three husbands instead of everyone else’s husbands, perhaps she could have kept a man other than stealing everyone elses.”

               Rash Manly        22MOON

Did Barbara Walters sleep her way to the top media jobs?


Hey Barbara, you spelled


your book title!!!!


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