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Bottom beholder arrested, no ifs, ands, or butts

Bum rap

A man who allegedly photographed more than

3,000 women’s bottoms in Venice has been arrested,

ANANOVA reports.

The man was stopped after police became

suspicious of a large bag he was carrying as

he followed women through St Mark’s Square.

He has been charged with infringement of

privacy which could earn the 38-year-old

Italian from six months to four years in jail.

A police video shows a man in jeans and

hooded top walking behind women.

Police said he was filming through a

small hole in the side of the bag.

The officers became suspicious when

they realised he was only following women

with short skirts.

When they stopped or bent down to pick

something up, he was clearly trying to

angle the bag behind them.

When the voyeur was finally caught police

recovered several DVDs which held more

than 3,000 images of women’s bottoms.

He confessed to police he had been filming

in and around St Mark’s Square for nearly two years.

Mario Marina of Venice police said the man

was married with two young children and

has a professional job in the nearby town of Padua.

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