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Women catching up to men in abusing alcohol – which will abuse you back!

CHINA VIEW –  LOS ANGELES, May 9 (Xinhua) —
Alcohol dependence has increased substantially
among American women, particularly white and
Hispanic women born since 1945,
a new study shows.


Alcohol use and dependence appear to have remained

stable for men, while young Americans report having

more lifetime alcohol problems than older Americans,

despite having had less time to develop issues with

drinking, according to the study published in the May

issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

”We found that for women born after World War II,

there are lower levels of abstaining from alcohol,

and higher levels of alcohol dependence, even when

looking only at women who drank,”

the study’s corresponding author,

Richard A. Grucza, an

epidemiologist at the Washington University

School of Medicine, said in a statement.

”However, we didn’t see any significant tendency

for more recently born men to have lower levels of

abstention or higher levels of alcohol dependence.”

The researchers’ findings were based on an

analysis of two national surveys conducted 10 years

apart (1991-1992 and 2001-2002), comparing lifetime

alcohol-use rates from the same

age groups and demographics.

The “closing gender-gap in alcoholism” may be

due to higher levels of problems facing women,

while men have been more or less steady in their

levels of dependence, Grucza said.

”Clearly, there were many changes in the

cultural environment for women born in the ’40s,

’50s and ’60s compared to women born earlier,”

Grucza said.

“Women entered the work force, were more

likely to go to college, were less hampered by

gender stereotypes, and had more

purchasing power. They were freer to engage

in a range of behaviors that were culturally or

practically off-limits, and these behaviors probably

would have included excessive

drinking and alcohol problems.”

One possible explanation for this could be

that between 1934 and 1964, the social acceptability

of women’s drinking increased.

As it was more socially acceptable for women

to drink, a greater number of them became drinkers,

the study suggests.

Another potential factor it puts forward is that

immigrants arriving in America from cultures with

more conservative values about drinking tend to

abide by their native cultural norms, but

their children are more likely to follow comparatively

lax U.S. norms regarding alcohol.

”We can think of U.S. culture as having been

traditionally dominated by white men,”

added Grucza.

“As women have immigrated into this culture,

they have become acculturated with regard

to alcohol use.”



22 YEARS SOBER, by the way.


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