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Sophie Mansell’s dating do and don’ts from the U.K. Sun


Published: 16 Apr 2008

SPILLING a vodka cranberry down your date’s white shirt is never a good start

And banging on about Brad Pitt won’t help your prospects either.

That’s why it’s a good idea to set yourself some dating rules right from the start.

‘Chilling out’ and ‘not acting like a psycho’ are definitely priorities as far as we are concerned.

So we asked relationship expert Jenni Trent Hughes to share her top ten dating tips:

1) Give yourself a quick emotional MOT before you go on a date to check you’re in the mindset for a possible new relationship. In other words, don’t put on the uniform if you can’t play the game.

2) Don’t overthink the date – see it as having fun. Start out looking for someone with similar interests, then if that goes well think about attraction and getting to know them better’.

3) Don’t put off asking someone out for six months – just do it! Then keep it simple with something like ‘I was wondering if you’d like to go for coffee sometime?’

4) It’s hard not to chat about your impending date with the whole world, but wait until you know if there is anything to talk about before blabbing. The more people you tell, the more you’ll have to discuss it with after.

5) Wear a comfy outfit on the date. You don’t want him saying to his mates: ‘She spent the whole night tugging her skirt down, what was that all about?’

6) Get your date to like you by asking him questions based on what he’s said to you. It’ll make him realise you’ve been listening.

7) Don’t ask him questions about his past relationships – there will be enough time for that later. Likewise, don’t volunteer information about your own exes; it looks like you’re bringing baggage to the table.


8) Relationships often end after three months because that’s when you start spending more time together sober, and realise you’ve got nothing in common. So limit how much you drink. If you think you can handle six glasses of wine, keep it to three.

9) If you like the guy at the end of your date, casually ask if he’d like to do it again sometime, or if you’re shy send a text or email. But if the guy isn’t for you, just thank him for a good night. Saying you’ll call when you won’t is a big no-no.

10) Never discuss how the date went with a mutual friend. Comments like ‘watching paint dry’ and ‘what a loser’ can get back to your date and you wouldn’t like that done to you.


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  1. Dear Sophie,
    You are an imbecile
    Your sub-standard Mizz style advice is insulting to all humans
    I am ashamed to share the same name
    Best wishes for your romantic future
    Your namesake

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