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Barbara Walters gets a free pass for her tawdry sleazy affair!

WASHINGTON (AP) – Barbara Walters says she refuses to engage in a debate with Star Jones who accused her of revealing a past affair with a senator just to sell books.Walters said despite the public rift, she prefers to hold onto the good times the former co-hosts shared on “The View.”

“Star is going through a very difficult time right now, and I’m going to have very happy memories of how wonderful she was on the program,”

Walters told AP Radio on Friday.

“I don’t want to add to her difficulties.”

Jones is going through a divorce from banker Al Reynolds, whom she married in 2004.

Jones lashed out at Walters after the veteran journalist wrote in her autobiography “Audition” that the women of “The View” were forced to cover up Jones’ gastric bypass surgery as she swiftly lost weight ahead of her wedding. Jones maintained at the time that she was eating less and doing Pilates.

“We lied for Star,”

Walters told AP Radio.

“She was our colleague.

She didn’t want to discuss it, we didn’t force her to.

Was that a mistake? I don’t know. …

It was Star’s decision.”

Earlier this week, Jones criticized her former boss for writing about her, and for including revelations of an affiar with former U.S. Senator Edward Brooke in the 1970s.

“It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book.

It speaks to her true character.

Jones told Us Weekly magazine.


When a man has kisses and tells, he is a disgusting jerk.

When a man has a sleazy affair with a married woman, he is a disgusting jerk.
When Barbara Walters has a sleazy affair with a married man, 
then goes on to brag about it, she gets a free pass from everyone
except the lone voice in the wilderness, Star Jones.
I have not seen such a clear cut double standard since
the book and  movie,
“The Bridges Of Madison County.”
It must be nice to be the rich and famous Barbara Walters.
I agree with Star Jones on this one.       Rash Manly


3 Responses to “Barbara Walters gets a free pass for her tawdry sleazy affair!”

  1. I think Barbara is very brave for having affairs with married men. Hill and I think Babs is a terribly sexy woman with needs. Who cares if the men are married? Not me! Here in Harlem sex with married men is business as usual, so what’s the big fuss? Beside marriage vows are just guidelines rather that hard and fast rules, right Hill? I used to be a lawyer before I was disbarred, I should know. You go Babs!

  2. Barb Walters affair proves only one thing — she is human and there is nothing to be ashame of – life does not come with a manual.

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