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Myanmar Commies steal the food meant for Myanmar victims!


BANGKOK — The United Nations suspended relief supplies to Myanmar on Friday after the military government seized the food and equipment it had already sent into the country but said it would resume the aid flights on Saturday,
The New York Times reports may 9th.


“Myanmar is not in a position to receive rescue and information teams from foreign countries at the moment,”
the statement, from the Foreign Ministry, said.
“But at present Myanmar is giving priority to receiving relief aid and distributing it to the storm-hit regions with its own resources.
”The first of two major international aid shipments arrived Thursday by aircraft from the United Nations World Food Program,
carrying high-energy biscuits, water containers, food and plastic sheets.
Altogether, by one count, 11 chartered planes with relief supplies have landed in Myanmar, a tiny amount for a disaster that the United Nations said has affected 1.5 million people.
(The Times is too nice to say it,
but what this means is that the Commies in charge
stole all the food for their own selfish needs,
the people be darned.
 If the poor victims starve to death,
it is less mouthes for them to feed or
worry about.  
Commies are not nice people,)


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