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Daughter tricks Mom into delivering brick of marijuana

JODIE Power’s mother has told a jury of her outrage
at being used by her daughter and Mercedes Corby to
deliver a large package of marijuana.

Margaret Campbell said she called her daughter a
“f- – – – – – bitch”, while she told Ms Corby if anything
like that ever happened again she would cut “your balls”
off and “hand them to you on a silver platter”.

Ms Campbell was giving evidence yesterday
in the NSW Supreme Court on behalf of the Seven Network,
which is being sued for defamation by Ms Corby,
the sister of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

Ms Power gave interviews to the network in which
she claimed Mercedes Corby, her former best friend,
had used drugs with her and had sold her marijuana.

Ms Campbell, who lives in Gympie in Queensland,
recounted to the jury an occasion when she drove
to visit her daughter, who was then living in Byron Bay.

She stopped on the way at Mercedes Corby’s home
on the Gold Coast and was given a parcel,
about the size of a brick, to take to Ms Power
and her husband.

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