You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Mirror, who is fairest? Paris!

Give me a world filled with strange and wondrous things.
Do we really want to live in a world without a Paris Hilton?
Is it not true we need our Paris?
Voltaire, (1694-1778 ) who was born in Paris, France,
continued to live in Paris for much of his life,
despite being thrown into the Bastille for 11 months 
for writing satiric verses about the aristocracy.
Voltaire was outraged by the moral degradation
and scandalous behavior in Paris. 
Yet he lived in the city that inflamed him.  
Voltaire left at times , but returned again and again,
finally dying in Paris in 1778.
To Voltaire, Paris was an enticing flame
that was too hypnotic in it’s dancing
teasing flicker to ever look away for long.
Our Paris Hilton of today is the same flickering flame.
The Paris of today is our bad example to make us feel better.
No matter if we are vain, Paris is more so.
On those days we are childish, or stupid,
or embarrassing, Paris is more so. 
Paris is our punching bag and our stupid best friend.
Paris is our window into hot parties and dance clubs
to make us feel we are part of the action,
what ever the action is that day.
Paris is our alter ego, our wild side.
We can make fun of her, and she smiles and never makes fun back.
If the world did not have a Paris Hilton
we would have to invent one.
Give me a world filled with unicorns, and fairies,
and things that go bump in the night,
so that we may never ever grow bored.
Dare I add one more?
With teeth clenched, pretending to be upset,
I am craving the teasing flicker of this flame though
I will never admit to it again…give me my Paris!
written by Rash Manly / 22moon.com

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