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Julian Dalrymple of The Sitting Room to set pulses racing!

Irish newspaper Ballymena Today

April 28th, 2008

 (The headline below is theirs, don’t give me that look!)

Love is in the hair!

Julian Dalrymple
Julian Dalrymple

WITH Valentines Day approaching and romance in the air, women are already primping and pruning themselves in hope of being ready for the big day – or evening!

So while men gather around flower shops searching for the perfect bouquet and women scour the shops for a suitable outfit, true fashionistas everywhere know that the perfect gift this Valentines Day is not chocolates, flowers or perfume, but great hair instead.
With this in mind top Northern Irish hairdresser Julian Dalrymple of Ballymena hair salon The Sitting Room is planning to set pulses racing with top tips for ladies so they can achieve voluptuous Valentines Day hair.
Julian’s six simple steps to
vivacious Valentines Day hair:

Outshine all the other girls: Sparkle on February 14 by deep conditioning your hair with a Sebastian 2+1 treatment which will moisturise your hair, creating a gorgeous glossy look.

Don’t be dull: Use a semi-permanent colour to enhance shine and inject life into dull hair. Colour will seal in the top layer of the hair creating the ultimate shine.

Don’t let unwanted fluff get in the way of romance: Make sure your hair is completely dry before leaving the house as this will keep hair smoother and not as fuzzy.

Nibble on nuts: Foods like nuts and fish are rich in essential oils and help promote healthy lustre full locks, after all, you are what you eat.

Up goes down: Change is the spice of life, therefore if you normally wear your hair up, think about wearing it down.

Comfort: Always make sure you feel comfortable on the day, therefore choose a look which will make you feel more confident. This way he definitely won’t be able to keep his hands off – your hair of course!



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  1. i think most flower shops these days use plant food to extend the life of cut flowers.”`

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